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For many of us, our morning cup of tea is a ritual and a signal that our day is beginning. Indeed, you might even feel that you don’t wake up properly until you get that morning fix. While some of this is undoubtedly psychological, it is often the effects of caffeine that gives us that extra boost.

Caffeine increases alertness and energy and has also been found to aid in reducing the risk of certain medical conditions.

However, for some tea lovers, caffeine is not an option and that’s where our decaffeinated tea bags fit the bill. The tea bags come in packs of 80 and have a refreshing taste. The caffeine is removed from the dried tea leaves, but vitally, the natural health benefits and the flavour remain.

So how, you may ask, do we decaffeinate our tea?

It’s done through a company called Infre who are based in Switzerland. The process uses Methylene Chloride to extract the caffeine. Methylene chloride is a popular solvent used throughout the food industry and other industrial segments. It’s used worldwide in the extraction of caffeine from coffee and the extraction of hop in beer production. During the whole tea decaffeination process nothing else other than water and solvent touches the tea. The process preserves the anti-oxidants and theanine which are naturally present in the leaves. These are lost in other methods of decaffeination that use high temperatures and pressures.
As you can see from the image below, the process allows us to physically extract the caffeine and recover it, giving the final product a very low amount of caffeine indeed, so you can still enjoy the great taste of Ringtons no matter how you take your tea.

The process of decaffenation
The process of decaffenation

You told us that you would like to see more collectable Ringtons items available all year round. So we are very proud to introduce our new “1907” range which is a celebration of Ringtons rich heritage and traditions – featuring the original Ringtons RT crest, our well-loved horse and cart and the famous Ringtons building on Algernon Road in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The first piece in the collection is this stunning fine bone china beaker which was designed, made and decorated exclusively in the UK. It’s also trimmed with 22 carat gold!

We chose renowned makers of fine bone china Hudson of England who were founded in 1875 and still based in the heart of the potteries in Stoke on Trent to make this special beaker for us.

As well as being able to buy the beaker by itself, you can also purchase it in the 1907 Gift Box. The gift box also includes 80 Kenyan Gold Tea Bags and a packet of our new Shortbread Rounds, featuring the Ringtons RT Crest.

This is a stunning beaker and marks the beginning of our official heritage range. We’re pleased to be able to celebrate our history in such a way and are looking forward to launching the second piece in the coming months.

Are you a collector of our memorabilia? Send us photo’s of your collection to web@ringtons.co.uk and you could feature in one of our future newsletters.

Springtime. You wake up to the sound of birds singing, the sun shining and the flowers beginning to bloom. Hmmmm….well, not quite. Yet.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate that it will start to become warmer and we will soon be able to enjoy a spot of tea and cake in the sunshine (or maybe at least by a window with the sun streaming through).

When it comes to our seasonal specials, our product development team have to come up with new additions well in advance. Ringtons Cake Hamper was launched on Monday 8th April, but was first conceived over a year ago. It contains six mini cakes and 100 Extra Fresh Tea Bags; perfect for an afternoon treat. They are however limited edition and exclusive to Ringtons, so make sure you get yours before they’re gone.

Inspired by a customer request and the many complimentary letters and phone calls we get regarding our cakes, the product development team began brainstorming ideas for how the hamper would look and what it would contain.

The concept of one or two large cakes evolved into six mini cakes, giving the perfect opportunity to try new flavours and give more variety to our customers. The hamper is decorated in a traditional style with red stripes and features our famous Ringtons Crest. It also contains 100 Extra Fresh Tea Bags, which are the perfect accompaniment to these delicious cakes. The six varieties are Ginger, Toffee Apple, Chocolate, Lemon, Date & Walnut and Tea Cake.

Which one is your favourite?

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