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When you are looking to expand your coffee-tasting horizons, or you know that you have a friend looking to add something new to their coffee collection, you may want to look here at Ringtons.

We have been fanatics of coffee since we first began selling it in 1907 and have procured a wide array of different coffee types to help those who are new to consuming it get a better taste for it, as well as satisfying the cravings of those who have more specialised tastes.

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  • What Is Dark Roast Coffee?

    First, let's look at what dark roast coffee is. Yes, it may look like a cup of midnight when handed to you, but how is that achieved?

    Dark roast coffee is created when the coffee beans are roasted for a longer duration and at a higher temperature, compared to the lighter or golden brands of coffee. This process gives the beans an almost black colour and also an oily surface. If you are curious about the taste of dark roast coffee, these drinks tend to be bold, robust, and even a bit smoky!

    Of course, the beans that are roasted play a part in this. Most coffee beans can be roasted for a lengthy period, but only a few will get the same deep-tasting result at the end. So, coffee makers usually opt for Arabica and Robusta beans. At Ringtons, we can offer our customers ground and instant coffee that creates a dark roast blend and, when you are considering our bag of dark roast blend, it is made from a mixture of Arabica beans sourced from South America and Indonesia, as well as African Robusta beans. So, we mixed the best of both worlds!

  • Taste Matches

    Have you ever seen someone eating a sweet pastry while drinking an espresso? The darker the coffee, the more bitter it is, as caffeine on its own has a very bitter aftertaste!

    So, if you are looking for the perfect taste match for a snack with your dark roast, opt for something overly sweet. At Ringtons, we do have a range of hampers that have sweet treats in them to help balance the tastes out, but if you only have your eyes on one jar of coffee for a dark roast, that can be a lot. We recommend chocolate (of course!), preferably milk or white, as well as biscuits that are high in sugar and fat, like shortbread.