Our tea

Tea is our world - it's what we do.

We source our teas from the finest tea growing regions around the globe, shipping them back to the port of Tyne, carefully packaged using our unique Leaf lock process to retain flavour.

Once the tea is here with us in the UK, we blend, taste and pack it ready for you to buy online or on your doorstep. We pack our tea bags using foil, so when you make a cup of Ringtons, it really is the true taste of tea. By preserving flavour and caring for the tea from field to cup, we offer you the ultimate tea experience.

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What is leaf lock? It’s what makes Ringtons tea so special…

Leaf Lock is unique to Ringtons and ensures the flavour is sealed in before the tea leaves the country where it's grown, which is our reassurance that the tea you're drinking is the best in the world, making it noticeably nicer.

Explore our range of tea, read about their flavour profiles and understand what makes Ringtons tea different.

Tea Blends
  • Heritage

    We've been buying, blending and packing teas for over 100 years.

  • Sourcing

    We select only the finest teas, from the best origins in the world.

  • Leaf Lock

    Our teas are naturally smoother and sweeter because of the quality of the tea we use and the condition we keep it in.