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Ringtons instant coffee is exceptional – it’s quick and convenient, but even so, it tastes great, and that’s not a combination you’ll often find. Sourced from premium quality coffee beans, each cup of our instant coffee is tasty and unique.

Ringtons coffee really does speak for itself. It’s the freeze-drying process we use that does it because it means we can keep the full-bodied taste of the coffee completely as it should be, and you’ll get to taste that in every sip you take; you won’t be disappointed with your choice when you notice all the different flavours swirling around from the wonderful coffee beans we use.With Premium Gold, Dark Roast, and decaffeinated coffees to choose from, there’s nothing and no one our instant coffee range can’t cater to and for, so when it comes to finding excellent ground coffee, it’s Ringtons you’ll need to go to, every time.

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  • What Is Instant Coffee?

    Instant coffee is such a simple thing, but something that completely changed how people were able to drink coffee. They didn’t have to have fancy machines or wait for ages for the coffee to brew. Instead, they could add hot water and enjoy their drink immediately. That’s because instant coffee is a powdered coffee or granulated coffee, which means you’ve got a hassle-free way to make your favourite beverage.

    At Ringtons, our instant coffee comes from high-quality coffee beans. When they’re freeze-dried, the strong flavour and great taste is kept safe and sound, and it just takes a little hot water to bring it all back to life; we’ve got a range of luxury instant coffee UK options to choose from that are all made using the same excellent method.

    What Are The Benefits Of Instant Coffee?

    Instant coffee is convenient and has many benefits. It’s ideal for when you’re in a rush and want good coffee, but there’s no time to make it in the traditional way. You’ll never have to leave the house without your morning cup of coffee when you use instant, and when you choose Ringtons granulated coffee, you can be sure it will taste great.

    Not only that, but instant coffee gifts are also an excellent idea. Who will be disappointed when presented with a hamper of gorgeous coffee products that make their life easier and more convenient? Plus, it’s ideal for every occasion, whether a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas!

  • How To Make Instant Coffee

    If you’re wondering how to make an instant coffee, don’t worry – at Ringtons, we know exactly what you need to do, and it might surprise you to find there’s a little more to it than just adding hot water.

    There’s a secret technique sure to get your taste buds tingling; the key is to add milk to a mug and allow your instant coffee to dissolve in it for between five and 10 minutes. Only then should you add the hot water. Why? This method makes the coffee taste creamy, and it’s a great hack for coffee aficionados who want to boost their instant coffee experience. 

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