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Spread some joy each morning with high quality jams and preserves from Ringtons.

Our delicious jam selection is sure to put a smile on your face. Ideal for spreading on toast, croissants, scones, or anything else you can think of, our jams and preserves are made with real fruit to deliver the best taste! Whether you prefer marmalade or jam, we’ve got you covered! From traditional strawberry jam to our fine cut Seville orange marmalade, you will find a spread you love here at Ringtons. We’re a family-run business that’s been going since 1907, and we pride ourselves on our quality teas, coffee, and, of course, jams and preserves. We carefully source every ingredient that goes into our jam and marmalade to deliver the finest products you’ve ever tasted! Browse our range of spreads right here to add something special to your breakfast or afternoon tea.  

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    There is no better feeling than spreading a luxurious layer of preserves onto a slice of bread or scone. Whether you prefer it thick or thin, you’ll find your next favourite spread here at Ringtons.

    We’re proud of the traditional spreads we have on offer. If it’s an authentic homemade taste you’re looking for, you can rest assured you’ll get it with us. Our jams and preserves are slowly boiled in a copper-bottomed pan to preserve the fruit’s flavour and create a satisfying glossy finish.

    Elevate your cream teas with our Ringtons strawberry preserve – perfect on scones and washed down by a cup of our tea. If you prefer to spread marmalade on your toast, our full-bodied fine cut Seville orange marmalade is just the ticket.

    Why Choose Ringtons?

    We were founded over 100 years ago, and consider ourselves to be experts in all things tea and things that can be enjoyed with a cuppa. We put the utmost care into every jar of jam and marmalade, meaning you will always be happy with one of our spreads. Experience the quality of Ringtons jams and preserves today!

  • What’s the Difference Between a Jam and a Preserve?

    Now, we know you might wonder, aren’t jams and preserves the same thing? They’re similar, yes, but they aren’t the same.

    It all comes down to the fruit and texture. Typically, the fruit in jam is mashed up with sugar to produce a thicker, firmer spread. On the other hand, preserves have bigger pieces of fruit in them in a looser sugary syrup, thinner than a jam but thicker than a sauce.

    Marmalade is a type of fruit preserve that uses citrus. Instead of whole fruits that go into jams, marmalades include the peel, pulp and juice of the citrus fruit.

    How To Store Jams and Preserves

    Our jams and preserves are fine to be kept in a cupboard before they are opened. Once they’re opened, however, we recommend you store them in the fridge so you can enjoy them for longer.