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You can find it in almost any supermarket, and it has long been linked with office workers- the gold blend coffee.

Yes, it has been associated with one famous coffee brand, but at Ringtons, we believe that the true coffee lovers of the world should have a bit more variety than one brand of coffee! Gold blend coffee is somewhat specialised, so when you get it from our team here at Ringtons, it will have already been prepared and will be in an instant coffee mixture. So, you don't need a roasting machine to enjoy this coffee! We also opt for Fairtrade beans, meaning that when you buy from us, you will also be helping the planet and farmers too! This way, our team can ensure you have all of the fresh, golden-roasted blend coffee you need while delivering it to your door. Browse our range.

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  • Gold Blend Strength

    Why is gold coffee called gold coffee? Well, once the coffee beans are roasted, the brew is ultra-light compared to other coffee beans, which can give it a gold appearance. It's also worth thinking about how the coffee beans are prepared too. Gold blend beans are roasted at a lower temperature, meaning that the end result is a coffee that is low in acidity and has a smoother taste than other options, like espresso.

    Even a weekly visit to Starbucks will have people thinking about the strength of the different coffees that are on sale. Interestingly, there is a scale that factors in the strength or the kick of coffee based on the percentage of Total Dissolved Solids- this is the TDS scale.

    This scale ranges from one to 13, with a coffee that has a rating of six or lower being considered a lighter brew. Lighter does not mean colour, however, as many people are surprised to learn that a standard cup of gold coffee scores a nine! So, if you had a bad night's sleep, don't overlook a lighter cup of the gold stuff- it will really wake you up!

  • Perfect Taste Matches

    If you have even had a sip of espresso coffee, you will probably be familiar with how acidic it is, making it a perfect taste match for very sweet treats, such as fruit cake, milk chocolate, and even white chocolate.

    However, a gold blend coffee is not as acidic, meaning it has a wider taste match palette. Of course, it goes well with most kinds of chocolate, but if you are a fan of darker chocolates that are higher in cocoa, then these will go well with a gold blend coffee. Or, why not try to match a more unusual taste to this blend? Like dark chocolate with chilli flakes? That could be an interesting taste test experience!

    Some people love a taste combination that seems odd, and with a gold blend, that could be something like ginger. At Ringtons, we sell gingersnap biscuits as part of our hampers.

    When you are looking for a cup of delicious gold blend coffee, skip the well-known, often pricier brands and try Ringtons.