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Ringtons has been blending the finest teas since 1907, so we know a thing or two about producing the perfect beverage. If classic black tea is your drink of choice, look no further than our award-winning selection.

 We’ve got a black tea option to suit you, whatever your preferred drinking style. Choose from traditional tea bags, loose leaf options, and individually wrapped tea bags. One thing is for certain: when you choose Ringtons black teas, you won’t find better taste anywhere else. We have a tea option for every person and every budget. Alongside our traditional black tea offering, we also stock organic, fairtrade, and decaf teas, so you can find one that fits you with us. If you’re looking for something different from the classics, we have a wide choice of fruit and herbal teas and green teas as well. Order now for delivery straight to your home.

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About our teas

The perfect cup of tea is crafted long before it touches your lips, through working with the finest tea producers, tasters and blenders. Discover the fantastic world of Ringtons tea today, and discover a wide range of popular blends and styles. From loose leaf teas to tea bags, there is something for everyone in our collection of Ringtons tea today. Here at Ringtons, we are committed to ensuring all of our customers can find their perfect cup of tea. This is why we are pleased to offer tea in every popular form, including staple tea bags, loose leaf options and classic tag and envelope styles. Simply find your favourite blend and flavour, and then choose the style of brewing that suits your taste and preferences best. When you shop for tea online at Ringtons, we promise a great-tasting tea with every sip. Browse our popular Ringtons tea collection today, and complete your order with delicious biscuits to accompany your afternoon treat. If tea isn’t for you, then don’t hesitate to shop for award-winning coffee and hot chocolate drinks also available online now.

  • Black Tea at Ringtons

    The Ringtons range of black teas has been perfected over many years.

    With carefully sourced tea leaves from around the world going into our blends, you know that the taste you get with our teas will be unrivalled. After drinking them, we’re confident that you will find your new favourite blend.

    Browse our full black tea offering here. Choose from loose leaf, tea bags, and decaffeinated tea bag options. There really is something for everyone in our classic range of black teas.

    Why Choose Ringtons?

    We take tea seriously at Ringtons. We’ve been supplying tea to our valued customers since 1907. Our black tea blend has been perfected, and we don’t stop there with the classics. We’ve got your coffee needs and herbal teas sorted, too. There’s quality in every cup when you choose our family business as your go-to for tea.

  • What Is Black Tea?

    When people think of tea, it is probably black tea that springs to mind first. Black tea is known for its full flavour. It is stronger than other teas like oolong, white, and green tea. Black tea is aged for a long time, and this gives it its robust taste.

    How To Store Black Tea

    It doesn’t matter whether you use tea bags or loose leaf tea; the Ringtons team always recommends storing black tea in a tin or other airtight container to enjoy maximum freshness. We also advise that you keep your tea away from direct light or heat to preserve the quality.  

    How To Drink Black Tea

    To prepare black tea, steep your tea leaves or tea bag in hot water for three to five minutes, depending on your desired strength. You can drink it as it is without milk, or you can add milk if you prefer. Black tea is probably one of the most popular teas to add milk to, making it a satisfying drink. Some people choose to add a twist of fresh lemon to this versatile hot drink to shake it up from time to time.