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Shop our Ringtons decaffeinated tea range today! Our passion for tea is something we’ve mastered over many decades since we started our family business back in 1907.

You don’t have to worry about decaf tea that is weak in flavour when you choose ours. Only the finest quality tea leaves go into our decaffeinated blends, so you get a rich and full-bodied cup of tea every time. In our premium range of tea, you can choose decaf tea bags that come in packs of 50 that are perfect for stocking up your home or office. We also have envelope tea bags that will allow you to get your tea fix when you are on the go. All of our  decaffeinated tea products (decaf is different to caffeine free) are luxuriously packaged for the ultimate in freshness and taste. For more tea inspiration, browse our full tea range here. Order your decaf tea with us today and get it delivered straight to your front door.

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How To Make a Cup of Decaf Tea

The great thing about decaf tea is that it can be enjoyed at any time of day without you worrying about the effects of caffeine on your body. To make the perfect, delicious cup of decaf tea whenever you want, we recommend steeping your tea bag in hot water for a few minutes or longer if you prefer a stronger taste. When ready, remove your tea bag and drink with or without milk to suit your preference.

  • Ringtons Decaf Tea

    Want your regular cup of tea but without the caffeine? Look no further than our premium decaf tea bags that will satisfy your tea needs.Choose from Ringtons decaf tea in a traditional tea bag for everyday use or our individually wrapped envelope decaf tea bags that are perfect for convenience.We also have a range of fruit and herbal teas that are low or naturally caffeine free and ideal for the health conscious. Shop them today!

    What Is Decaf Tea?

    Decaf tea is a tea that has had its caffeine removed from it. It means that the green or black tea leaves have been through a decaffeination process to remove the molecules of caffeine in them. However, a very small trace of caffeine will always remain.

    Tea without caffeine is a great option for people who are sensitive to the effects of its consumption. Different tea leaves are naturally lower in caffeine than others.

  • How To Store Decaf Tea

    At Ringtons, we recommend that you store your decaf tea in the same way as regular tea. To enjoy maximum taste and freshness, keep it in an airtight container like a tin away from direct light. On top of this, always store your tea in a cool place.

    Why Ringtons?

    When you choose Ringtons for your decaf tea needs, you choose quality, dedication, and commitment to the tastiest brew. We only use the finest ingredients and have done so since 1907. Take a look at our wider tea range, you won’t be disappointed.