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There’s no better match than tea and cake. Here at Ringtons, we have a selection of delightfully traditional afternoon tea treats that will pair perfectly with any cup of tea.

Our Ringtons cakes use only the finest ingredients to deliver the ultimate taste. Whether it’s the juicy fruit in our tea cakes or the velvety chocolate that encases our chocolate mallows, you know you’re getting the best when you choose our traditional cakes. Browse our range of delectable cakes right here. We have an option that will keep even the most discerning of mouths happy. Our traditional tea cake and milk chocolate mallows are just longing to be washed down by a cup of perfectly brewed tea. Make sure every tea time is special with one of our special cakes. Buy cakes online with Ringtons to get them delivered to your home or office. Shop our offering today!

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  • Explore Our Range of Delicious Ringtons Cakes

    At Ringtons, we’re passionate about tea, that’s for sure. We’re also passionate about what goes with tea. Tea and cakes go together like jam and cream. They’re a classic combination. That’s even more of a reason to make sure the cakes you choose are of the highest quality.

    When you turn to Ringtons, top quality products are to be expected, and our cakes are no exception.

    If you are a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to cake, then you will absolutely love our deliciously rich tea cake. However, if chocolate is more of your thing, you’ll be impressed by our oh-so-gooey milk chocolate covered mallows, which are individually foil-wrapped for ultimate freshness!

    Each cake we sell is carefully packaged to preserve its quality.

    Why Choose Ringtons?

    Our family business dates right back to 1907, and we haven’t been going that long by not caring about delivering the very best quality to our customers. At Ringtons, we’re dedicated to giving our valued customers the highest quality products and experience of working with us. See for yourself by shopping with us today!

  • What Are Tea Cakes?

    Tea cakes are a traditional English cake made with dried fruit and mixed peel. They get their name because they are traditionally eaten at teatime with a cup of tea, but they do also contain tea as well.

    How To Eat a Tea Cake?

    Here at Ringtons, we believe that there is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a tasty slice of tea cake. What’s best about this simple cake is that you can enjoy it on its own, with lashings of butter, or even toasted and with butter for a comforting and luxurious snack. The choice really is yours!

    What Are Chocolate Mallows?

    Chocolate mallows are commonly referred to as tea cakes in Scotland. To avoid confusion, our Ringtons mallows are called mallows. With a crisp biscuit base, fluffy marshmallow centre and finished with a generous coating of milk chocolate, this is the ultimate tea time treat for you to enjoy!