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At Ringtons, we know people love coffee, and we know they want excellent coffee, which is precisely what we offer.

We have a huge selection of premium coffee beans that will tantalise everyone’s taste buds, no matter what flavour or strength of coffee you might be looking for. Take a look at our superb collection, and you’ll soon see what we mean; there’s something for everyone, and the fact that our coffee just happens to be award-winning certainly isn’t something that can be ignored! You can rest assured you’re getting the very best when you buy your coffee beans from us. As well as exceptional coffee beans, Ringtons can offer you all kinds of coffee, including instant coffee and ground coffee, so why not browse our selection today to see what takes your fancy? Get in touch if you want to learn more about anything we sell or our fantastic complimentary, no-obligation doorstep service.

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  • Are Coffee Beans Better Than Ground Coffee?

    If you’re looking for the ultimate coffee experience, you might find yourself with a choice – coffee beans or ground coffee. In the end, it’s usually going to be down to personal choice and how fresh you want things, but most experts would say that high-quality coffee beans offer a stronger flavour and smell, especially when they’re freshly ground. Ground coffee, on the other hand, is a lot more convenient, so what is it you’re looking for in your coffee?

    Can You Eat Coffee Beans? 

    This might seem like a strange question, but let’s see – can you eat Ringtons coffee beans? The answer is technically yes, although they’re bitter, so they can be something of an acquired taste. Some people like to eat them to give themselves a quick caffeine boost, but too many can lead to some unpleasant side effects, so if you’re going to munch on coffee beans, moderation is crucial.

    How Many Coffee Beans Make A Cup Of Coffee?

    We are coffee experts, but even we don’t know the answer to this question because we don’t know your personal taste when it comes to coffee – the stronger you like it, the more beans you’ll need, so it’s a case of experimenting and finding the sweet (or perhaps bitter) spot.

  • How To Store Coffee Beans

    To enjoy your coffee for as long as possible, you need to know how to store it. At Ringtons, we recommend storing our premium coffee beans in an airtight container in a cool place away from direct light. This will help extend the freshly roasted flavour to ensure you get the best taste with every cup.

    Buy Your Coffee Beans From Ringtons Today

    No matter what kind of coffee beans you’re looking for, from 1kg of coffee beans to smaller bags, as well as a wide range of flavours, we’ve got what you want at Ringtons, and you can buy coffee beans online with us whenever you want to.

    When you’re looking at buying bean coffee, you’ll find we have a coffee bean selection you’ll love, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our amazing team will be able to help you. So get in touch today for our premium coffee beans and the great taste they’ll deliver.