Ethical trade

Committed to sourcing our products ethically and sustainably.

We are, and always will be committed to sourcing our products ethically and sustainably. We work with partners across the world to monitor our supply chains to trace our products back to their source, to understand the challenges the industry faces and collaborate on projects across the globe.

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with a core group of tea producers, mainly in India and Africa where we now buy from over 200 tea estates and smallholder organisations. We keep in touch regularly and visit when we can - ensuring we listen, learn and work together, with our industry partners, to support growers and care for tea from bush to bag. We recognise that sharing our tea suppliers with you is important for confidence and transparency. As such, we publish our supply base which can be viewed here.

  • Monitor Supply Chains

    We care about where our products come from and are transparent about how we source them. Our Sourcing team works closely with industry stakeholders to monitor our global supply chains.

  • Visit Tea and Coffee Estates

    We keep in touch with our suppliers and visit them regularly. We listen to their feedback and advice, and get to see conditions and challenges first hand which help understand and overcome any obstacles.

  • Work Collaboratively

    We work in partnership with charities, not-for-profit organisations and industry stakeholders on a number of projects aimed at improving the lives of workers, farmers and local communities.

Ethical Tea Partnership

We are active members of The Ethical Tea partnership are are committed to buying from producers that are participating in the ETP programme. With our partners, we aim to create a fairer, more sustainable tea industry for workers, farmers and the environment.

Buying Ringtons means you're supporting tea communities and farmers across Africa and Asia through our range of local and global projects.

Visit the ETP website here...

World Coffee Research

World Coffee Research aims to grow, protect, and enhance the supplies of quality coffee around the world while improving the livelihoods of the people and families who produce it.

Ringtons are a small part of the check-off programme, which means for every 1kg of coffee we buy, 1p is donated to World Coffee Research.

Visit the WCR website here...


The Fairtrade consumer label guarantees that producers get at least a base-line price for their produce and receive a premium on top of the price for the goods which can be invested in consumer projects.

Visit the Fairtrade website here...


In Kenya with Jake

Jake is one of our expert tea buyers and blenders, tasting over 1,500 cups of tea per week.

We spoke to him about his recent supplier visit to Kenya.

"I met the whole team involved, from factory managers to those on the ground, I saw it all!"



Head of Sustainability and Sourcing Assurance

Charlotte's our Head of Sustainability and Sourcing Assurance here at Ringtons. We spoke to her about her fascinating role.

"People are often surprised how much goes into a Ringtons cup of tea!"

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Origin: Brazil

Sadie's Travel Diary

Sadie is our green coffee buyer... "Getting to know people behind the scenes and witness all the hard work that goes into growing and producing coffee that ultimately ends up in your cup is fascinating."

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