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Ringtons ground coffee is an excellent choice. It’s a premium coffee that everyone will love, from casual coffee drinkers to coffee enthusiasts who really know their beans.

Every pot of ground coffee is carefully and expertly roasted, showing our amazing commitment to quality in every cup – even in every sip. With rich flavours and strong tastes, our coffee comes from the finest coffee beans around the world, and we make sure everything is kept to a high standard, meaning you get the best cup of coffee you could ask for. Whether you opt for our classic blend or our dark roast, you’ll find the taste is just what you want. Plus, we even offer larger 1kg bags if you need them – they’re ideal for catering services and offices. Don’t forget our coffee bags as well – they offer the convenience of instant coffee with the depth of ground coffee, so they’re not to be missed.

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  • What Is Ground Coffee?

    There’s a little bit of confusion about what ground coffee really is, and many people assume it’s just another term for instant coffee, but that’s not the case. Ground coffee is a form of coffee that’s been ground from whole coffee beans, but unlike instant coffee (which is processed so that it becomes soluble), ground coffee won’t dissolve in water – it’s literally ground-up beans. That means it’s usual to need some form of coffee machine or filter to make a drink from it.

    How To Use Ground Coffee

    Using ground coffee is straightforward, and although it’s not as fast as instant coffee, many people prefer the taste, so it might be worth the extra time and steps it takes to make the ideal cup.

    The first thing you’ll need is some form of filter, which can be a fancy coffee machine, French press, cafetiere, or something similar. Then, you’ll need to measure out how much coffee you want; although it will depend on taste, you’ll need about one to two tablespoons per cup you wish to make. You’ll learn as you go how many tablespoons works for you, however – it might be more or less. Add the coffee and water to the machine or filter as per the instructions, and wait for your drink to brew – it’s that simple.

  • Do You Really Need A Filter?

    There is a way to use ground coffee without a filter or any kind of machine, which is known as ‘cowboy coffee.’

    To make this kind of coffee, you need to pour hot water directly over the ground coffee and then leave it to steep for a few minutes. Don’t drink it right away, though; as we mentioned above, ground coffee isn’t soluble, so you’ll need to strain the coffee before you drink to remove the grounds.

    Buy Your Ground Coffee From Ringtons

    However you like to make your coffee, and whatever strength you love the most, you can get premium ground coffee from Ringtons, so take a look at our website, and if you have any questions, be sure to reach out – we’ll have the answers you need.