About us

Over 115 years of history and heritage.

Welcome to Ringtons

The Ringtons story dates back to 1907 when founder Samuel Smith OBE began selling tea from a horse and cart in Newcastle upon Tyne. Fast forward to today and we remain a family business in our 5th generation, with tea at our heart.

To this day our vans are a familiar sight in neighbourhoods across the nation.

Our local Ringtons rounds have been serving the community for over 100 years and whilst the horse and cart might have gone, our ethos hasn’t – you’ll always find our baskets full of the finest and tastiest teas, coffees, biscuits and treats for you to buy on the comfort of your doorstep or at the click of a button.

Now into our fifth generation, our purpose is to create daily moments of joy and care today and tomorrow and for each generation to come.

Our Tea

We’re tea geeks. We’ve been sourcing, blending and packing tea for decades, and freshness is our obsession. We go above and beyond to capture the true essence of tea to make sure you’re able to enjoy the most comforting cuppa.

Wherever you are, when you enjoy a cup of Ringtons tea, you can be sure that you’re tasting true fresh flavour due to the care and attention throughout the production process we take, from source to shelf.

The Ringtons Leaf Lock process is like no other. Our teas are grown in the finest regions around the globe, hand picked and vacuum packed at source to seal in the freshness before heading to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to be blended and packed, ready to create daily moments of joy from your first cuppa of the day.

Today, we produce over 45 million tea bags per week at our BRC AA* production facility for both the Ringtons brand and some of the worlds largest retailers.

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Join the Ringtons Round

Some may call Ringtons the original subscription service, and to this day, you can join your local Ringtons round, where we visit you every other week or once a month with our basket full of treats to purchase from the comfort of your doorstep.

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