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When it comes to Christmas or a coffee lover's birthday, you may feel a bit stuck about what to get them as a gift. They have the coffee machines and the rare coffee beans, so what else is there?

Well, what about a hamper? At Ringtons, we have compiled coffee and tea lovers' hampers, making anyone who loves this tasty, brewed drink smile from ear to ear. What makes our hampers different at Ringtons? Well, what's in them and the ability for you, the customer, to choose from options like 'suitable for vegetarians' or even limited-edition gifts. Great! Or, if you are looking to add to your own experience of coffee, you can find a wide range of coffee choices here at Ringtons. We offer coffee direct to your door, so you can get the perfect cup of joe without needing to leave your home.

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    Chocolate as a gift option to go with coffee is not a new idea. After all, the two have been combined in both selection boxes of chocolates and even in mocha drinks. There is even a culinary art form wherein taste testers try to match the perfect coffee blend to the ideal chocolate snack.

    If you have a friend or family member who simply loves chocolate, then feel free to have a peek at our Ringtons Luxury Gold Gift Box or our box called the Monty! There are lots of tasty chocolate options in both, which will make any chocaholic coffee drinker smile.


    They go with tea, and they go with coffee, provided that they are not too strong! Yes, biscuits are another 'must-try' in the world of coffee lovers, as biscuits such as shortbread and even gingersnap biscuits go well with some stronger blends, especially cappuccino and espresso. Our Luxury Gift Box at Ringtons has both of these, as does our Thank You gift box. 

  • Other Gift Options


    Cookies are famous for going with milk, but what about coffee? Well, they are sweet and have chocolate chips in them, or even nuts and fruit, making them delectable to dip into coffee and drink. The cookies that we have added to our Ringtons gift boxes feature chocolate-dipped cookies, giving that extra punch to this tasty snack. If your friend or family member who loves coffee is a baker, they can even experiment with different blends of cookie mixtures and coffee types- like the chocolate and the biscuit mixtures; there is a blend here that is ideal for making any coffee lover drool.

    Remember, if you want to gift your coffee lover with something unique, then come to Ringtons!


    Does cake go with coffee? Yes, it does! Especially if the cake is dense and is a fruitcake or, you guessed it, a chocolate cake! We have noted this matching at Ringtons, and in our Ringtons Luxury Gift Box, we have added some port and brandy slab cake.