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When you buy something, you want to feel good about that purchase and feel like you’re making a difference. If that’s the case for you, Ringtons Fairtrade tea could be just the thing.

It’s ethical, delicious, and because it comes from Ringtons, you know the quality is excellent too. Plus, we’ve got a great range for you, from bright Earl Grey with a hint of bergamot to classic English Breakfast that’s strong and energising, as well as light green tea with all its many benefits or even decaffeinated Fairtrade tea for when you want the taste and nothing else. At Ringtons, it’s not just about the superior quality of our teas but about the fact that we have a strong commitment to Fairtrade and always stand by it. Shop our product range right here.

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  • What Is Fairtrade Tea?

    Fairtrade is the name given to a way of working, buying, and living that ensures producers (especially those who work in what’s known as developing countries) are paid and treated fairly for what they do. When it comes to your favourite brew, Fairtrade means the farmers who grow the tea are given fair wages and good working conditions, plus they’ll be working in environmentally friendly farms, so it’s great for everyone involved.

    The Benefits Of Fairtrade Tea

    When you choose Fairtrade tea, you’ll find there are plenty of benefits to enjoy, so it’s more than just being able to say you’re doing the right thing. For one thing, Fairtrade gives farmers a stable income, and that means they can invest more in their own communities, helping them become healthier and stronger. The money can go towards education, healthcare, better roads, and more housing (which would also be safer, more comfortable housing), and it all comes from you buying Fairtrade products like our fantastic tea.

    Plus, as we’ve mentioned, Fairtrade farming is all about sustainable practices, so by choosing Fairtrade tea, you’re making the planet a healthier one, and that’s good for everyone, no matter whether you enjoy drinking tea or not.

  • How Does Fairtrade Work?

    Fairtrade is all about fairness and transparency, and to begin with, it means that tea growers are guaranteed a minimum price for their tea so they can be sure of what they’re earning, helping them to be more financially stable.

    On top of that, every Fairtrade product is sold with a premium that goes directly into community products, so it’s not just the farmer who benefits, but the entire area where they come from. That means more and more people can feel happy and healthy and do more with their lives.

    Buy Fairtrade Tea From Ringtons

    When you choose Fairtrade tea from Ringtons, you’re doing so much more than ‘just’ buying great tea – you’re making things better for tea farmers and growers around the world, and not just them either; you’re helping their entire communities. Take a look at our range of Fairtrade teas, and you’ll see there’s certainly something you’ll love. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly team.