Gibraltar Rock: The Diary of Samuel Smith 29/10/2012
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October 29th, 1935

Finer weather. The ship was off the mouth of the River Tagus at 2:30am. Cape St. Vincent was rounded at 8am. We passed Cape Trafalgar at 4pm and Tarifa at 5pm; and at 5:45pm the Rock of Gibraltar was passed very close in. Had a good view of the warships in the Harbour and the best possible view of the Rock. A lot of children are on board and six o’clock appears to be the time when they are released from the nursery to take exercise on the deck with... Read More

The Students Romance, I LOST MY HEART IN HEIDELBERG 28/10/2012
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October 28th, 1935

Arose early. A warm sea water bath and a good breakfast felt much better for the day in bed. The crew appear to be mainly lascars and they appear to be very proud of their caps with red bands. Some have very fine embroidered crowns. They wear blue smocks and trousers – some of the smocks have fine needlework on and with the highly coloured scarves round their waists, they look very picturesque. A good percentage of the waiters are Indians – a very obliging lot. There is an open-air swimming... Read More

RMS Strathmore 26/10/2012
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October 26th, 1935

Left for Tilbury where we boarded the “Strathmore”. My wife and a few friends were allowed on board for a very short time. We had on board a few young priests who were evidently going abroad as missionaries and the friends who were seeing them off were having a good time, trying to make themselves and everyone within earshot miserable by singing some very melancholy hymns.  Melancholy to me going away for a few months but to men who were returning to their duties abroad it must have sounded very... Read More

Silver Jubilee Train. 1935 25/10/2012
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October 25th, 1935

Left Newcastle at 10 a.m. on the Silver Jubilee train and arrived at King’s Cross, London, on the stroke of 2 p. m. an average speed of over 67 miles per hour. A wonderful train, perfectly sprung and at no time was there any sensation of excessive speed. Had booked at the Metropole Hotel or may have had difficulty in finding rooms. Full houses everywhere – hotels, cinemas, theatres. The word “depression” did not appear to apply but of course it was Motor Show week. A very good excuse for... Read More