Jaipur-AlbertHall Image 13/01/2013
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13th January, 1936

A drive to the Ram Newas gardens and Albert Hall, another marble palace used as a museum, and then to the Zoo. All are in the gardens which are well kept. Then through the streets and vegetable market back to the hotel. The vegetable market made a nice picture with the crowds of natives all in brightly coloured garments. Took 6:50pm train to Udaipur and rested in a four wheeled sleeping car. The rattling and jolting was terrible but we managed to get some sleep before we arrived at 11am... Read More

Galwar bagh Monkey Temple image 11/01/2013
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11th January. 1936

Arrived Jaipur in time for breakfast. Drove round the town along wide streets and good roads. All the buildings are coloured a light pink shade – the law enforces it. Passed the Palace of the Winds to the curio shops where we saw brass engraving and enameling and also carpet making. All hand-work – very slow but wonderful results. We have to buy samples of native art at almost every town we call. After lunch we drove by motor to the foot of the Gulta Pass and then made the... Read More

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10th January, 1936

A motor drive to the Deserted City of Fatehpur Sikri – a fort built of red stone – 1569-86 by Akbar the greatest of all the Mogul Emperors. Has a mosque and palace within its grounds and a beautiful marble tomb with carved trellising which looks like lace at a distance. Here also is the largest arch in the world – Bulaud Dorwaza – The Horseshoe Gate. The fort took many thousands of men 17 years to complete and was then deserted. The Emperor went back to Agra, exact reasons... Read More

Viceroy's House Image 07/01/2013
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7th January, 1936

A drive to some old forts, tombs and the diving well where we saw men jump one after another through a hole and pass through several floors into the water – it must be a straight jump and feet first. We had permission to view the Viceroy’s house after lunch but I had caught a chill at the Ivory Palace yesterday and thought it best to go to bed for the day. Mac and party visited Viceroy’s house and gardens which I understand are beautiful.

Kashmere Gate Delhi India IMAGE 06/01/2013
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6th January, 1936

We seem to be losing hold of our check on Greenwich time. We advanced 5 and a half hours to Bombay and then got on all right until we reached Calcutta where there were two times, the Railway time and the Calcutta time. Here we have to alter our watches again and find the times are 2the time” 5 and a half hours ahead of Greenwich M.T; the Railway time and Lilac time. This Lilac time only applies to Delhi and is a kind of daylight saving scheme which seems... Read More

maiden-hotel, Delhi IMAGE 05/01/2013
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5th January, 1936

Arrived at 7am and went to Maidens Hotel. Delhi is a nice place – cool, bright and clean – like England. We have seen a lot of Indian life. Dirt, squalor, shouting and spitting. And by gosh they can spit! When a man spits you would think there had been an accident, like a pool of blood. This is owing to their habit of chewing Betel Nut.