A Visit to India and Ceylon: November 17th, 1935The Ringtons Blog A Visit to India and Ceylon: November 17th, 1935

A drive round Bangalore. Two very extensive and beautiful parks. A visit to the Indian Institute of Science. Failed to gain admission to the Maharajah’s Palace owing to the day being the Sabbath and one of his relatives being in residence. Mac and Harry Richardson have secured horses for a ride this afternoon. Beriff our courier and I are going with an old Sikh driver for further exploration. Bangalore is the garden city of India and I can now understand why all, or nearly all, civil service and railway employees come to live here in their retirement. Saw the new Town Hall which cost £12,000 and which I think would have cost many times more in England. Met two young Englishmen – (one a late student at Armstrong College) who are out near Mysore taking a film of the Elephant’s natural life. They left today for Mysore and we meet them tomorrow for a run down to their camp. All well but I have got a few nasty mosquito bites. After tea had drive round the various quarters of the city. Visited the Sacred Bull Temple and climbed to the top to have a bird’s eye view of the city.

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