The Brew Review: Ringtons Decaf Tea

The Brew Review: Ringtons Decaf Tea

Welcome to the Brew Review.

Our dedicated team are responsible for tasting hundreds of cups of tea every day to ensure that the flavour and overall quality of our teas remains consistent cup after cup.

In our Brew Review series, the team take a closer look at our various tea blends and offer industry insight in to the origins, flavour profiles and processes that go in to each blend; helping you know what to look out for when purchasing and most importantly, tasting your tea.

First up....Decaf Tea!

The desire for decaffeinated tea is on the rise having grown in popularity in recent years, it now represents around 10% of the UK market.

The Origins

Kenyan and Malawian teas, expertly decaffeinated in Switzerland 

The Growers

The tea is carefully cultivated and produced by passionate tea makers from the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) in Kenya, and Lujeri estates in Malawi. 

Flavour Profile

A rich and refreshing blend and the true tea taste, without the caffeine. 

The Decaffeination Process

Caffeine naturally occurs in all tea leaves, the process of removing it without destroying the quality and flavour of the tea is complex and challenging. 

We approach this challenge with one thing in mind, quality source-ingredients. We only choose the best quality blends of tea which gives the tea leaves the highest chance of withstanding the tough decaffeination process and therefore retaining the good-quality attributes that we look for. The better quality tea we put in at the start of the process, the better quality tea we get out at the end. 

Our specialist decaffeination partner uses a highly sophisticated method of decaffeination meaning that the maximum amount of original tea flavour is retained as well as preserving other tea properties such as antioxidants, L-theanine and fluoride; which are all positive compounds that we want within our tea. There are other decaffeination processes available, however they do not offer the same protection of these key tea characteristics.

We are incredibly proud of our approach and commitment to making the best tasting decaffeinated tea that retains tea's naturally beneficial properties for our customers to enjoy.

The End Result

Our decaf tea retains less than 0.2% caffeine levels and most importantly, it retains the natural health benefits; as well as the true tea flavour.


The Experts Recommend 

Our milk chocolate caramel wafers make a great pairing with our decaf tea adding a little sweetness, especially when dunked!

What our Customers Say

Our decaf blend is the best around, but don't take our word for it, here's what our customers say....

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