Feel your Best with Free-From

Feel your Best with Free-From

Many of us are thinking more about our health – being curious about what we eat and drink or reducing our caffeine intake - it can be a positive move for your wellbeing and something we’re right behind! Here are a few of our best options for those with additional dietary needs, or for those looking to be more mindful.

Gluten Free

These Lemon and White Chocolate Cookies are truly irresistible with the added bonus of being gluten free!


Low Sugar

Our delicious Sugar Free Oat Crunch Biscuits - all the biscuity goodness with none of the sugar!


The Decaf Revolution

Our brand-new Decaff Ground Coffee is made from 100% Arabica Coffee, roasted and ground right here in the UK with a rich and full bodied flavour.

Caffeine naturally occurs in tea, and during the production process, flavour compounds (Polyphenols) intertwine with caffeine molecules. This means that during the decaffeination process where you’re extracting the caffeine, flavour can be lost. The more robust the tea is to begin with, the less flavour is lost during the process. At Ringtons we only use high quality, robust tea and a state of the
art manufacturing process that means as much goodness is left behind as possible. We believe if you put quality tea in, you’ll get the best cuppa out, so we use a blend of vibrant Kenyan and sturdy Malawi grown teas in our Decaf Tea for a full bodied, refreshing, bright and crisp cuppa!

Read more about the production of our decaf tea here.

Other caffeine free options include Fruit & Herbal Tea which are naturally caffeine free and naturally delicious. 

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