Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 14th December, 1935The Ringtons Blog Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: 14th December, 1935

Visited the Victoria Technical Institute and purchased some souvenirs. Visited the aquarium, Fort St. George and St. Mary’s Church. the Vicar lives in the house Clive used to inhabit. The house still contains the bath in which Clive attempted to commit suicide. I found the Vicar hailed from Horsforth near Leeds and he knew the Stables family well; I worked for Stables when I was a boy. Quite a young man and greatly interested in the records of the great men who are buried in the church yard. After tea we went to the Guindy Races and got in the members’ stand through the influence of our friend – Mr Brice Scott, a Scottish hide and skin exporter, who has been very kind to us during our stay in Madras – we met him and his wife on the “Strathmore” on our way out.

Boarded the 8:30pm train to Calcutta and after being 36 hours in the train arrived at 9am on Monday morning. Mr Brain of Brooke Bond and Co.’s offices and met their various heads of departments. Siewert had dinner with us and then took us to the Saturday Club –  a very exclusive Club where we saw a good cabaret show. The Great Eastern Hotel, where we are staying, is very good – mostly Europeans as visitors – good food and large dining hall.

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