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Craft Corner: Upcycle Your Glass Bottles

Craft Corner: Upcycle Your Glass Bottles

Here’s a hack that takes no time at all… Why not make use out of those empty glass bottles and turn them into posy vases? Ringtons flavoured water bottles are perfect for this but you can use any empty bottles you have lying around the […]

Craft corner: Herb Tea Caddies

Craft corner: Herb Tea Caddies

We’re absolutely determined to fill our houses with all things tea over the coming weeks… The first thing we’re going to do is make ourselves some delightful herb plant pot caddies! An absolute treat to admire on our window sills… and to cook with! Materials: […]

Zoe & Ringtons: Taking care of your mental well being at home…

Zoe & Ringtons: Taking care of your mental well being at home…

In these strange and unprecedented times when we are experiencing such a dramatic change in the way we live our lives, it is normal for us to sometimes feel anxious and sad.

It is important, now more than ever to focus on the positive things in our lives. When we can’t control so many aspects of life we need to look at the things we can make an impact on.

One thing we do have is more time. We can use this time to do many positive things. Here are some of my top-tips for taking care of your mental well being over the next few weeks…

A new routine for everyone…

We are all at home, so now’s the time for a new routine and structure to daily life. Set a plan for each day and try to stick to it as much as possible. It’s important to be mindful of each family member when setting a new routine, to ensure everyone’s needs are met and we’re all happy! We can use this close proximity and time spent with loved ones to develop and make better connections, improve intimacy strengthen relationships. If you live alone, this is the perfect time to get to know YOU and look after yourself a little more.

Me time/self care…

Even within a busy family home, time to yourself is essential. I find being very honest about my needs helps me not feel overwhelmed by other people needing too much from me. It is a good for us all to have a bit of alone time and to not feel guilty about that. Running is an easy way to physically and mentally get away, but choose an activity you love. It is good to tell your family what you need. It’s not about getting away from them, it’s about caring for yourself. This may be as simple as reading a book, having a bath or having a cup of tea in the garden by yourself.

Physical Activity…

Exercising is great for your mental and physical well being. Make sure everyone in your household has daily physical activity. Also schedule outside time being in nature and sunlight is needed for melatonin levels to help sleep and mood.


Food has a big impact on mood. Be mindful of what you eat, when you eat and how you eat. Try to eat un-processed food and as much fruit and vegetables as you can. Keep hydrated with water and tea. Avoiding caffeine after 2pm can also help promote good sleep.


We have more time to sleep, so enjoy it. Spend more time in bed. Having a set time of when you go to bed and get up can be helpful for a good body clock, promoting a healthy sleep pattern. It’s a fact that most people do not get enough sleep and sleep is the most important thing you can do for your body. Your body heals when you sleep. Why not use this time to establish good sleep routine? Your body and mind will thank you for it. Bedtime can be a relaxing time too. Turn off your devices, don’t watch tv, read a book, listen to an audio book or use this time to really connect with your partner.


Staying connected with friends and family is vital. We are social creatures. Use technology as much as you can to help with this, things like: phones, computers and apps like facetime, zoom and house party can all be great ways to stay in touch while you can’t be in the same room as your loved ones. Keep talking it is the best therapy we have. Use this time to make your relationships stronger with your Friends and Family.


While technology is great for keeping in touch, it is also important to have time away from technology too. We can have information over load. We can have too much blue light. It is addictive and we all need to police ourselves on this front. Have time away from your phone everyday. I turn mine off at 9pm and I don’t allow phones in bedrooms in my house.

Goal setting…

At this time we have no plans. All plans have been cancelled indefinitely. This can be very hard to cope with but we can still set goals and micro goals. I like to have a plan and goals. We can still use this time to get fitter, to cook more, to spring clean the house, to learn a new skill, to make those photo albums you have been meaning to do since Christmas. Even to meet a future partner or find out information for a future venture. This could be your time to do something that will be amazing and fulfilling. Change your attitude and you can change your outlook.


It’s important to remember that this is a huge moment in all our lives. Not many people in the world will not be affected by this global pandemic. We are all suffering in different ways but we are in this together. Be kind to each other and feel grateful for everything you do have. Write a list everyday of things you feel grateful for. This could be as simple as the sun being out that day or the love you feel for you children. We all have many many things to feel grateful for everyday. Focus on them and on helping others, it will help you feel joyful.

Craft corner: Tea-riffic Bird Feeder

Craft corner: Tea-riffic Bird Feeder

Use up unwanted or odd cups and saucers to create an adorable tea cup bird feeder that’s also a feast for the eyes!   Materials A cup and saucer, cleaned (make sure it’s not chipped) Bird seed and treats Twine or string, 3x 50cm lengths […]

Craft corner: Floral decorations perfect for Summer

Craft corner: Floral decorations perfect for Summer

Now it’s Summer, this is a craft you can really get creative with!

Use whatever you have to hand – faux or fresh flowers – there’s no rules and it’s a wonderful way to bring the outside in, safely – during these bright Summer days. It’s also as easy as 1, 2, 3!


  • Fresh flowers and foliage or faux flowers (why not use cut flowers from your own garden)
  • An old embroidery ring or wooden hoop
  • Wire or string  


  1. Start by placing your foliage or a good base flower around your hoop, we used Gypsophila. Wind around your wire or string, securing the flowers/foliage to the hoop.
  2. Once done, you can start slotting in the rest of your flowers by sliding the stalks through the wire or string. Cut off any long stems and arrange as you please.
  3. Finish off by adding a loop of string to the top to hang it with and enjoy!

TIP: To create a longer lasting design, dry out flowers and grasses and use them instead!