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Look no further than Ringtons for your envelope tea bag needs. We’ve been at the heart of making and supplying tea since 1907, so know exactly what it takes to achieve the perfect cup.

Envelope tea bags are the epitome of convenience and hygiene, allowing you to take your favourite drink with you when you are out and about. Pop one of our beautiful individually wrapped tea bags into your handbag or wallet, and you can have your tea fix wherever you are! Browse our full range of delicious, wrapped tea bags on strings here. We’ve got flavours to excite all tastes, from traditional full-bodied English Breakfast tea to something more fruity like our lemon and ginger or green tea and citrus infusion blends. The finest ingredients go into our Ringtons tea, guaranteeing you the perfect cup every time, wherever you are. Order today for delivery straight to your door!

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  • Explore Our Range Of Tag & Envelope Tea Bags

    We believe that envelope tea bags are something special. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the ritual of tea drinking thanks to the convenience of individually wrapped tea bags with string, allowing you to brew up wherever you need! 

    Here at Ringtons, we pride ourselves on our huge range of tag and envelope tea bags and are confident that we have an option to suit your preferences.

    Our collection of teas includes Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and green tea to satisfy those with more traditional tastes. If you are after something more adventurous, we’ve got that covered too! Our fruity lemon and ginger, chamomile, and peppermint infusion teas are popular with herbal tea lovers.

    Each bag is carefully wrapped to guarantee freshness and optimum taste. For more tasty offerings, explore our full tea range.

    Why Choose Ringtons?

    At Ringtons, we’re committed to sourcing only the finest teas for our customers. We're a family business with over 100 years of experience in the tea industry, and we know what it takes to provide quality and flavour in every cup. No matter what your tea requirements are, we can fulfil them! Shop with us today! 

  • What Are Envelope Tea Bags?

    Envelope tea bags are tea bags with a string and tag that are individually wrapped. This clever way to buy your tea bags guarantees freshness and convenience.

    Perfect for taking with you to the office, on holiday, or on the go, our Ringtons tea bags can help satisfy your tea cravings wherever you are.

    As they are individually wrapped, they stay fresher for longer. We recommend always storing your tea bags in a cool, dark place to ensure their quality.

    Why Do Tea Bags Have Tags?

    Have you ever wondered what a tea bag tag is for? They are designed to give you something to hold onto while you brew your tea in a cup or mug. It makes removing the tea bag much easier, especially if you are out and about.

    If tea bags without string are more your thing, browse our full range of traditional tea bags.