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We only have one rich roast coffee available on our site here at Ringtons, but that doesn't mean we aren't huge fans of it!

At Ringtons, we know that this kind of coffee has been linked to increased mental alertness. Not only that, but a rich blend has a more palatable taste, even for those new to coffee drinking, and can help you enjoy the taste without the distracting buzz that can come with dark roast blends. If you have a hankering for a coffee that is fuller, more intense, and has a softer taste at the same time, then not only do we recommend that you try our Ringtons Rich Roast Instant Coffee, but we also think it may help you get a better appreciation for coffee overall. Shop our rich roast coffee here and order to get it delivered directly to your door.

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  • Defining Rich Roast

    Most people who drink coffee are familiar with terms like dark, full-bodied, and even rich when looking for a way to describe the coffee that they are drinking. However, in the real world, it can be a bit confusing to know what these terms actually mean and why they are used in the world of coffee brewing.


    When talking about the richness of a coffee, the description means that the coffee is full of flavour, body, and acidity. Is that the same as a dark roast? Nope! Darker roasts do have higher acidity and a fuller body, but lighter roasts can also be defined as rich, especially if they have higher acidity and are softer on the palette. When you taste the difference, you will know!

    Coffee Richness and Caffeine

    Well, as a rich roast has higher acidity, it doesn't have to have the high caffeine content of a dark roast. Arabica and Robusta beans are used to create both rich and dark coffee brews, but they are roasted in slightly different ways. For a richer blend, the beans are roasted at a lower temperature for longer, whereas to get a dark blend, the beans are roasted at a higher temperature for even longer! 


    So, you can get coffees that rate lower on the Total Dissolved Solids scale that have a richer taste. 

  • Intense Roast versus Rich Roast

    Another thing that those who are new to the world of coffee need to consider is that an intense roast and a rich roast are not the same thing, even though many websites will use these terms interchangeably! As we have stated, a rich coffee brew can and often does have a low caffeine content and can even be decaffeinated. However, an intense roast is more similar to a dark roast, and as such, it usually has a higher caffeine level, as well as appearing dark. So, now you know! Get your rich roast blend coffee from Ringtons.