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Introducing The New Single Origin Seasonal Coffee

Ringtons are delighted to announce our new Single Origin Seasonal Arabica Coffee Bean

Replacing our Colombian Bean, the Single Origin Seasonal allows us to support new and upcoming coffee producers in different growing regions all over the world - part of our sustainability initiative. The coffee is still perfect for your current machinery, brewing methods and coffee recipes. 

The seasonal nature of this new coffee product also means we can maintain the exceptional quality year-round. The Seasonal Single Origin will deliver the same red berry and milk chocolate notes, along with the balanced mouthfeel, that's come to be expected from the Colombian Bean.

While the sourcing of this product may change in the future, Ringtons are committed to providing the same great taste. This product will always be a specialty Single Origin Bean with SCA score between 82-85. 

Sadie Walton, Ringtons Green Coffee Buyer, explains the changes: 

“We’ve chosen to showcase this coffee from PNG as it is a fascinating origin with so much potential. By supporting this origin and introducing our customers to its superb flavour and full body, we hope to encourage the consumption of PNG coffee in the UK market and help boost the country’s reputation as a specialty coffee producer”. 


Current Sourcing

The Seasonal Single Origin is currently sourced from Papua New Guinea, via PNG Coffee Exports.

Coffee Profile

Exporter: Volcafe PNG
Regions: Simbu, Eastern Highlands & Marobe Provence
Varietals: Typica, Bourbon
Harvest Period: April to August
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1600-1850 masl

Why have you chosen this bean from Papua New Guinea?

After careful consideration, we chose this PNG Coffee with a cupping score of 84.5. The coffee had cherry and cocoa aromas, a more delicate body and almost tropical flavour notes. The coffee was also very well balanced. 

PNG is an emerging origin for specialty coffee and we are keen to support producers on their journey to improve quality and gain higher prices for their coffee.

If you have any questions about the Single Origin Seasonal Bean, are interested in a sample, or would like to talk about how Ringtons for Business can help you, please contact Guy Kingsley-Smith, B2B Marketing Manager via email: