Pride in our supply base

The passion, dedication, knowledge, skill and hard work of the tea farmers and tea producers in origin is what allows us to make the quality of Ringtons teas that we do. We’re proud to source many of our teas from producers that we have strong and long-term relationships with, having worked closely with them for many years, often decades.

At Ringtons we recognise that sharing our tea suppliers information is important for greater confidence and transparency, both for our customers and the suppliers themselves. This openness allows greater collaboration and helps us to build more sustainable supply chains and helps us to collectively tackle systemic issues that can occur across global supply chains with other stakeholders.


We use a diverse range of tea producers across all our blends and they vary greatly in their styles and volumes they supply to us. The list below includes the producers for all our tea products and we’re proud to share them with you.


James at Tumsong Tea Estate, Darleeing

Charlotte picking tea at Borpatra Tea Estate, Assam

James in Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong Province, China