Connecting your community one cuppa at a time

Connecting your community... cuppa at a time as we bring generations together in friendship and shared experiences. Astonishingly, over 1 million people often go for a month without talking to a friend, family or neighbour. It’s heart breaking. We’re looking to change this by celebrating the people and places who help to bring us together and sharing ways we can support each other.  

Free Personal Delivery Service

Join your local Round

Our local salespeople offer a friendly face every other week or once a month with the opportunity to seek joy and independence by selecting tea and treats to purchase from the comfort of your doorstep. It's an increasingly important service as many of us seek to shop locally and find genuine connections with where we live.

If you know someone who would benefit from the service, you can sign up quickly online. It’s easy to join and there is no obligation to buy every time we call.

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Volunteer for Re-engage

Re-engage provides vital, life-enhancing social connections for older people at a time in their lives when their social circles are diminishing. They simply couldn’t do the brilliant work without support from volunteers.

Can you spare some time and connect with your community? 94% of Re-engage volunteers feel like they’ve making a difference as a result of volunteering, and 77% said they’d made friends themselves!

get involved

Host a tea party!

There’s plenty of ways to get involved from helping to coordinate a tea party, hosting your own get together, or transporting members to enjoy a few hours of much needed fun and friendship.

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provide support

Become a call companion

Be a regular warm and friendly voice for an older person experiencing loneliness and isolation. Don’t underestimate the importance of a half an hour sharing stories and laughter - for both of you!

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