Pride in our supply base

Transparency from source to sip.

The passion, dedication, knowledge, skill and hard work of the tea farmers and tea producers in origin is what allows us to make the quality of Ringtons teas that we do. We’re proud to source many of our teas from producers that we have strong and long-term relationships with, having worked closely with them for many years, often decades.

At Ringtons we recognise that sharing our tea suppliers information is important for greater confidence and transparency, both for our customers and the suppliers themselves. This openness allows greater collaboration and helps us to build more sustainable supply chains and helps us to collectively tackle systemic issues that can occur across global supply chains with other stakeholders.

We use a diverse range of tea producers across all our blends and they vary greatly in their styles and volumes they supply to us. The list below includes the producers for all our tea products and we’re proud to share them with you.


  • China - Dazhangshan Tea Grower's Co-operative- Gaosha Processing Factory
  • China - Guangdong Shunde Green Fountain Tea Co - Guangdong Shunde Green Fountain Tea Co
  • China - Hunan Tea Group Co Ltd - Hunan Xiang Tea High-Tech LLC
  • India - Bhubrighat Tea Co Pvt Ltd - Bhubrighat Tea Estate 
  • India - Chamong Tee Exports Pvt LtdBannockburn Tea Estate, Chamong Tea Estate, Dhajea Tea Estate, Ging Tea Estate, Lingia Tea Estate, Marybong Tea Estate, Nagri Farm Tea Estate, Phoobsering Tea Estate, Pussimbing Tea Estate, Sewpur Tea Estate, Shree Dwarika Tea Estate, Soom Tea Estate, Tonganagaon Tea Estate, Tukdah Tea Estate, Tumsong Tea Estate
  • India - Fairlie Exports Pvt Ltd - Namring Tea Estatez, Namring Upper Tea Estate
  • India - Goodricke Group LtdAmgoorie Tea Estate, Badamtam Tea Estate, Bargang Tea Estate, Barnesbeg Tea Estate, Borbam Tea Estate, Borpatra Tea Estate, Castleton Tea Estate, Dejoo Tea Estate, Harchurah Tea Estate, Harmutty Tea Estate, Margaret's Hope Tea Estate, Nonaipara Tea Estate, Orangajuli Tea Estate, Thurbo Tea Estate
  • India - Jayshree Tea & Industries - Mangalam Tea Estate, Meleng Tea Estate, Narhohabi Tea Estate, Towok Tea Estate
  • IndiaM K Shah Exports Ltd - Seajuli Tea Estate, Singlijan Tea Estate
  • India - Balaji Agro International - Goomtee Tea Estate
  • India - McLeod Russel India Ltd - Attareekhat Tea Estate, Behali Tea Estate, Behora Tea Estate, Bhooteachang Tea Estate, Bogapani Tea Estate, Borengajuli Tea Estate, Bukhial Tea Estate, Dekorai Tea Esate, Dimakusi Tea Estate, Dirial Tea Estate, Dirok Tea Estate, Dufflaghur Tea Estate, Halem Tea Estate, Hunwal Tea Estate, Itakhooli Tea Estate, Keyhung Tea Estate, Margherita Tea Estate, Mijicajan Tea Estate, Namdang Tea Estate, Nya Gogra Tea Estate, Paneery Tea Estate, Pertabghur Tea Estate, Phulbari Tea Estate, Tezpore & Gogra Tea Estate
  • India - MK Jokai Agri Plantations Pvt Ltd - Hattialli Tea Estate, Muttuck Tea Estate
  • India - Rossell Tea Ltd - Dikom Tea Estate, Kharikatia Tea Estate, Nagrijuli Tea Estate, Nokhroy Tea Estate, Romai Tea Estate
  • India - Stanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd - Kotada Tea Estate
  • India - Tea Promoters India Pvt Ltd - Seeyok Tea Estate, Selimbong Tea Estate, Singell Tea Estate
  • India - The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd - Mukottu Mudi Tea Estate
  • India - The Coonoor Tea Estates Co Ltd GroupCoonoor Tea Estate, Parkside Tea Estate
  • India - The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Co Ltd - Chamraj Tea Estate
  • Japan - Lalani & Co London Ltd - AOI Seicha Co Ltd 
  • JapanMaruyama Tea Products Corporation - Maruyama Tea Products CorporationJapanSasaki Green Tea CompanySasaki Green Tea Company
  • Kenya - Kenya Tea Development Agency - Chebut & Kaptumo Tea Factory, Chinga Tea Factory, Gacharage Tea Factory, Gatunguru Tea Factory, Githambo Tea Factory, Gitugi Tea Factory, Imenti Tea Factory, Iriaini Tea Factory, Kangaita Tea Factory, Kanyenya-ini Tea Factory, Kapkoros & Olengurone Tea Factory, Kaptumo Tea Factory, Kathangariri Tea Factory, Makomboki Tea Factory, Michimikuru Tea Factory, Momul Tea Factory, Mungania Tea Factory, Ndima Tea Factory, Nduti Tea Factory, Nyamache Tea Factory, Rukuriri Tea Factory
  • Kenya - Williamson Tea Kenya - Changoi & Lelsa Tea Factory, Kaimosi Tea Factory, Kapchorua Tea Factory, Tinderet Tea Factory
  • Malawi - Lujeri Tea Estates Ltd - Bloomfield Tea Factory, Lujeri Tea Factory
  • Rwanda - Sorwathe S.A.R.L. - Sorwathe S.A.R.L.
  • Rwanda - The Luxmi Tea Co LtdGisovu Tea Estate
  • Rwanda - Rugabano Tea Company Limited - Rugabano Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Andaradeniya Group - Batuwangala Tea Estate 
  • Sri Lanka - Bogawantalawa Tea Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd - Bogawana Tea Estate, Bogawantalawa Tea Estate, Bridwell Tea Estate, Campion Tea Estate, Kotiyagalla Tea Estate, Norwood Tea Estate, Wanarajah Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Hatton Plantations - Adisham Tea Estate, Dickoya Tea Estate, Henfold Tea Estate, Vellaioya Tea Estate, Waltrim Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Horana Plantations Ltd - Alton Tea Estate, Stockholm Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Kelani Valley Plantations Ltd - Lover's Leap Estate, Mahagastotte Estate, Pedro Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Lumbini Tea Valley Ceylon - Lumbini Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Malwatte Valley Plantations Ltd - Aislaby Tea Estate, Dickwella Tea Estate, St James Tea Estate, Uva Highland Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Maskeliya Plantations Ltd - Brownlow Tea Estate, Brunswisk Tea Estate, Laxapana Tea Estate, Strathspey Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Pothotuwa Tea Factory - Pothotuwa Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Hapugastenne Plantations PLC - Adawatte Tea Estate, Demodera Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Udapussellawa Plantations PLC - Concordia Tea Estate, Court Lodge Tea Estate, Kenmare Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Evergreen Plantation Pvt Ltd - Brombil Tea Estate, Evergreen Tea Estate, Golden Garden Tea Estate
  • Sri Lanka - Green Land Plantations - Hidellana Tea Estate
  • Sri LankaStassen Natural Foods - Idulgashina Tea Estate 
  • Sri Lanka - RTS Holdings - Avissawella Tea Estate 
  • Sri Lanka - Madulsima PlantationsKew Tea Estate, Kirkoswald Tea Estate, Theresia Tea Estate

  • James in Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong Province, China

  • Charlotte picking tea at Borpatra Tea Estate, Assam

  • James at Tumsong Tea Estate, Darleeing