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Who are Ringtons?

Ringtons are experts in quality tea and coffee from around the world. Over 100 years old, we are famous for our traditional doorstep delivery service & are the only company who still deliver the freshest blends of tea direct to peoples doors.

For over 30 years our wholesale division have also supplied the nations superior cafes, restaurants, hotels and workplaces with world class tea coffee and commercial equipment.

Our on-line store now allows you to browse and buy our wide range of goods, including loose tea and coffee, speciality teas, cakes, biscuits, sweets and gifts. You can read more about our well-established company in Our Story

How can I contact you?

We love to hear from our customers. Please see our Contact us section for way to get in


Do you Deliver outside the UK?

Yes we do. Please check our Delivery & Returns page for more information


How do I create an online account? 

An on-line account allows you to buy products through our on-line store and pay safely with our secure payment system. It also gives you the option of keeping up with all our latest news and offerings if you choose to sign up for our newsletter.

I want to buy some products, How do I buy?

To buy our delicious products, all you need to do is click “add to basket” via the buy or view button on the item(s). You can change the amount you wish to order and add as many different items to your basket as you need to.  Next, click the “checkout” button and follow the on-screen instructions to pay with either credit or debit card or through Pay pal.

I don’t want to order online, is there another way?

Yes, there is. You can call our customer care department Freephone on 0800 052 2440.

I’ve forgotten my password or I can’t login.

If you have forgotten your password, click “your account”, fill in your email address and then “forgotten password” and we will email you your details. Also make sure you have the correct email address and the correct spelling of your password.   If you continue to have trouble logging in, email us at and we will do our best to help you.

Do prices include VAT?

Yes. Your order will be totalled up so you can see the full cost when you reach the checkout.

Can I use gift vouchers to buy online?

Yes. To buy a gift voucher you must register for an on-line account so that we can process the order. The gift voucher amount will be credited to the recipient’s e-wallet once they have registered for an on-line account also.

My credit or debit card is not being accepted.

Check that you are inputting the details correctly and the number and that there are no restriction or issues with your bank. If you still have trouble contact us at or call 0800 052 2440.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards or paypal.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes. Please call our customer care department on 0800 052 2440.

What is the difference between ordering on-line and ordering from a sales representative?

The quality and freshness of the products are exactly the same. The only difference is that you will speak to and meet your sales representative in person, whereas on-line you won’t need to speak to anyone unless there is a problem.

Do orders get delivered by the traditional Ringtons vans?

At the moment, if you order via our website, we deliver through royal mail or courier.
Please see Delivery and returns for more information

How do I contact you if I have a complaint or would like to leave feedback?

In the unlikely event that our products reach you in less than satisfactory condition or you have a complaint to make,  please contact Customer Services on 0800 052 2440 within 7 days of receipt of goods.

If you have any feedback on the website please contact

Do you have any vacancies?

We advertise our vacancies in the careers section on our website.

Where are you based?

Our head office is based in Byker, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

I can’t find the item I’m looking for or when will an item be back in stock?

Some of our stock is seasonal, but many of our items are delivered weekly all year round.  If you have a query regarding a particular product please contact

How do I apply an offer code?

When you arrive at the checkout in the on-line store, you will have the option to enter an offer code.

Can I amend, cancel or return an order?

Please see our Delivery and Returns for details.

Can I track my order online?

Yes. Click “My Account” and “My Order History” to track the status of recent orders.

Are you on any social media sites?

Yes. You can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, fall in love with us on Instagram and read our Blog.

What if I am having technical difficulties?

If you are having technical difficulties with any part of our website please contact us stating your issue and include any relevant error message or a screen shot and we will get this rectified asap.

Email Us:

Call Us: 0800 052 2440





Do your teas contain any plastic?

Within the tea industry the tea bags produced by the majority of tea brands are made using a heat-sealed paper which contains a small amount of a plastic which is needed to seal the tea bag material together.

Whilst this method ensures the tea leaves are kept contained in the bag and don’t ruin your favourite brew; as a company which prides itself on doing the right thing by our customers, supply chains and employees, we are always on the look out for new ways to improve our products and meet customer demand.

As such we have been trialling alternative options for heat sealing our tea bags, looking at plant-based alternatives that are natural, sustainable and biodegradable. 

We understand the issue of plastic in tea bags is of concern, but to make sure our high-quality standards are met and customers do not receive an inferior product, we need to make sure any material we use is viable and long-standing.  Whilst our trials are going well, we must ensure we find a sustainable option and we will let our customers know first when we have found a solution we are 100% confident in.

Whilst we always strive to minimise use of material in the packaging of our products, every element of our packaging is very much designed with a purpose – the tea bags to contain tea effectivity, the outer packaging to protect products from the perils of the British weather and the  protective foil sachet we use to seal our tea in is essential to bringing our customers the freshest tea possible – one of the main ethos’ of our business.

We hope this statement goes someway to explaining our position on this matter and our commitment to finding an alternative solution and we look forward to updating you in due course.