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What is a Ringtons doorstep delivery?

Ringtons delivers tea, coffee, biscuits, sweets, gifts and accessories directly to homes across the UK on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Our friendly salespeople offer a traditional delivery service reminiscent of times gone by when every day goods were delivered to the home by various suppliers for convenience.  Ringtons started this service in 1907 and continue to offer the same personal delivery experience and in-turn a range of high quality teas, coffees and biscuits as well as seasonal specials which our 250,000 happy customers can buy.

Can I get a doorstep delivery?

Ringtons operates from over 30 local sites throughout the UK.  To find out if you are in a Ringtons doorstep delivery area, enter your postcode into our ‘postcode checker’.  To become a doorstep customer you can either complete our new customer form or call our customer care team on 0800 052 2440.  We will be able to tell you when your salesperson is in your area, who your salesperson is and which special offers you are eligible for.

How much do deliveries cost?

It is free to receive a visit from one of our 220 salespeople and there is no obligation to buy from us when we do visit.  You can also stop deliveries or suspend deliveries at any point.

How frequent is the delivery service?

Ringtons doorstep customers see their dedicated Ringtons salesperson every fortnight or every month.  Some customers even call up our customer care team on 0800 052 2440 to arrange ad-hoc or additional deliveries should they want a one-off purchase or if they have ran out of goodies.  You can also stop or suspend deliveries to suit your schedule, and start again when you miss your favourite tea.

Can I pre-order Ringtons goods?

Yes you can pre-order Ringtons products any time up to the day before your salesperson is due, subject to availability. You can either call our customer care team (0800 052 2440) email us at or place an order directly with your salesperson to pre-order. You would pay for any goods upon delivery.  In addition, for large orders such as Christmas hampers, £2 or £5 vouchers can be bought throughout the year and saved for payment of the goods when they arrive.

What products can I buy from my salesperson?

Your Ringtons salesperson will carry a classic collection of goods on their van including tea, coffee, infusions, biscuits and more. A full list can be found at “what’s in the basket?”  We also carry some seasonal products which are available for a limited period only and are detailed in our quarterly newsletters.

What happens if I miss my salesperson or I am on holiday?

If you miss your Ringtons salesperson or you are on holiday don’t worry we will make sure you don’t run out of your favourite Ringtons products.  We can pre-agree a regular order and safe leaving place with you, if we do miss you on your rounds you’ll still have the products you need.  Alternatively we can try to arrange an extra delivery at a more convenient time for you.  If you’re going on holiday we can suspend your account and many of our customers double their order during the visit prior, to make sure they have enough to get them through – plus enough to take on holiday with them (our customers are very dedicated!)

How can I pay for goods/can I pay online?

To pay for Ringtons goods you can pay your salesperson on the doorstep with cash or debit or credit card. You can also settle outstanding balances on your account after 11am the day following receipt of your goods by calling our customer care team on 0800 052 2440. Currently we are unable to process payment for our doorstep service via our website.

Do you deliver during public holidays?

Ringtons salespeople usually do not work public holidays.  However, in May where are two bank holidays, some of the team do work one of the days to ensure our customers don’t miss out too much.  If we will be missing your next visit due to a bank holiday your salesperson will let you know and give you the opportunity to ‘double up’ your order so you don’t run out.  If you are unsure if your salesperson is visiting call Freephone 0800 052 2440 and we will double check for you.

Can I order goods online to be delivered by my salesperson?

At the moment it is not possible for Ringtons goods ordered online to be delivered by your Ringtons salesperson.


I'm not at home during the day - can I still be a Ringtons customer?

Yes – we have a number of options for customers who are not always in during the day including:

•             Leaving your order with a neighbour

•             Leaving your order in a pre-agreed safe place such as a greenhouse, shed or even the wheelie bin

•             Later deliveries – in some areas we might be able to call back between 4pm and 6pm

•             Earlier deliveries – we may be able to visit you earlier in our daily rounds

•             We can also deliver to some business addresses within the areas we cover

•             Arrange a one off delivery for when you know you will be in

•             Ordering online – if our doorstep service isn’t for you, our online store could be the perfect alternative and the site delivers worldwide