Ringtons Recipe: Cake Board

Ringtons Recipe: Cake Board

A family-friendly dessert idea using some of our classic cakes. Perfect help-yourself style for when you don't have much time.


1. Gather a selection of your favourites cakes on a large board. We recommend using a variety of flavours and textures such as fruit cake, sponge cake or something with a crunchy bite. Take a look at our recipe for a Stem Ginger Fudge Cake for more inspiration. 

2. Cut chunky slices of each cake to make it easy for serving.

3. Add some simple sides and garnishes such as fresh berries, pouring cream, tub of vanilla ice cream, or a jug of custard - and there you have it, a DIY dessert board with minimal effort. 

You can shop our current cake selection here, we also release limited edition cakes throughout the year so make sure you're on our mailing list to be the first to know when they arrive. Coming next...Lemon Cake, arriving mid June 2024.

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