Q&A with Nadia Johnson

Q&A with Nadia Johnson

As Ringtons welcomes its fifth generation of leaders, we’re taking the time to get to know them in a bit more detail, learning what makes them tick and understanding their plans for the Future of Ringtons.

Nadia became one of four new directors appointed in July 2023 and leads the transformation strategy across the business with a focus on digital development, people and culture, and the continued development of the Ringtons vision, mission and values.


What does it mean to you to work for the family business?

Working for the family business gives me a deep sense of purpose. I am entrusted to build upon a legacy brand and provide prosperity for our family, colleagues and partners.

Can you share the process and factors that led you to become a part of the family business?

I never imagined working for the family business, however when the opportunity came up to apply for the Ringtons Succession Programme, I knew I had to explore it as an option.

I was living in London at the time so there were added complexities of relocating my family back to the North-East, however after gaining a place on the 18 month programme, it ignited a passion which I released had been missing. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop; my eyes were opened and after seeing the kinds of opportunities available, I wanted to be part of it.

Ringtons director Nadia Johnson and her family

Nadia and her family.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I get a real sense of passion and excitement about the future of the business and being able to have a direct impact on its trajectory.

What aspects of Ringtons history and heritage are most inspiring to you?

I am incredibly proud of the history of Ringtons and feel a personal connection to the businesses core values and always strive to do the right thing. Samuel Smith inspires my entrepreneurial spirit.  

How do you define success for the family business in the future?

For me, success is broad recognition of who we are and what we stand for as a family business. It includes continued stable growth based on solid understanding and awareness of our opportunities, and commitment to making long term decisions in preparation to welcome the sixth generation. My goal is to pass Ringtons over in an even better condition than we found it. 

Favourites Ringtons Tea & Biscuits

Favourite Biscuit

White Chocolate and Lemon Cookies

Favourite Tea

Ringtons Gold

Favourite Tea Moment

My favourite tea moment is when I’m at Beadnell on the Northumberland coast. Its a place I absolutely love as it reminds me of so many family memories where we would catch up over a cup of tea.

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