Q&A with Elliot Smith

Q&A with Elliot Smith

As Ringtons welcomes its fifth generation of leaders, we’re taking the time to get to know them in a bit more detail, learning what makes them tick and understanding their plans for the Future of Ringtons.

Elliot became one of four new directors appointed in July 2023 and leads the strategy for our tea division focusing on the supply chain, production, quality, packaging and ensuring robust processes within our tea operations.


What does it mean to you to work for the family business?

It’s amazing to be a part of something that has been going for over 100 years and across five generations. Knowing that I will be passing that legacy onto another generation brings me a lot of pride.

Can you share the process and factors that led you to become a part of the family business?

Like the other directors, joining the family business wasn’t part of the plan, and I had never considered it part of my future. Instead I focussed my attention on developing skills in a different industry, however when the opportunity arose to be involved at Ringtons, i realised that all the skills and knowledge I’d been developing throughout my career were transferrable and could add value to the business. I was excited to know that I could contribute to the family business and consider myself very lucky to be involved.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I like to make things better, and working in a manufacturing environment there is a constant requirement to be improving everything we do. Plus I really enjoy the variety of challenges we face on a daily basis so every day is different and keeps me on my toes.

What aspects of Ringtons history and heritage are most inspiring to you?

For me its all about the way in which the business has grown and adapted from being a single consumer facing brand to a multi divisional company that not only deals in direct to customer, but also has a thriving B2B and private labelling offer through our Coffee and Beverages divisions.

How do you define success for the family business in the future?

Success for me is building on the fantastic Ringtons culture that has been developed over the generations so that when we pass the business on to the next generation, we can be proud of what we have achieved. This goes for both Ringtons family members as well as our colleagues, customers and partners who we have worked with over the years.

Favourites Ringtons Tea & Biscuits

Favourite Biscuit

Chocolate Brazil Nut Biscuits

Favourite Tea

Ringtons Gold

Favourite Tea Moment

That first hot cup of tea after a long cold walk on the beach with the dog, you can feel the warmth from the inside.

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