Q&A with Brigitte Keatings

Q&A with Brigitte Keatings

As Ringtons welcomes its fifth generation of leaders, we’re taking the time to get to know them in a bit more detail, learning what makes them tick and understanding their plans for the Future of Ringtons.

Brigitte became one of four new directors appointed in July 2023 leading the brand and consumer strategy for the business focusing on understanding the Ringtons customer, preserving consumer relationships and forging the integration of our unique doorstep sales channel with our e-commerce website.


What does it mean to you to work for the family business?

This opportunity means the world to me. Working for the family business has been a lifelong passion of mine (a dream since I was a little girl). I’m so excited about the prospect of driving the business forward and contributing to its success. Not only is this professionally fulfilling, but also a continuation of the values and traditions that have been passed down through the generations.

Can you share the process and factors that led you to become a part of the family business?

My desire to work for the family business has been a lifelong ambition. For the majority of my career, I lived and worked in London. However, in 2018, we initiated the succession process. This formal assessment extended over 18 months, where we were assessed both individually and as a group. It wasn’t without its challenges, especially considering I became a mum to two boys during this period.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Early mornings are a necessity with two young children and they are my primary motivation, however the drive to propel the family business forward and contribute to its success matches that motivation and is a huge incentive for me.

What aspects of Ringtons history and heritage are most inspiring to you?

Every aspect of our history and heritage is inspiring to me. The legacy of our family’s succession, the continuous growth of the business, and the enduring business model established by my great-great-grandfather, Samuel, are all sources of motivation. Seeing Samuel’s portrait alongside his OBE in our head office every morning is a daily reminder of our rich heritage and is a real inspiration.

How do you define success for the family business in the future?

For me, my vision of success revolves around sustainable growth while staying true to our core values and heritage. Our people are at the heart of Ringtons, and we want to foster a thriving culture where people can flourish. Within that also sits our environmental responsibility. Our goal is to pass on a prosperous business to the next generation.

Favourites Ringtons Tea & Biscuits

Favourite Biscuit

In the office – I love a Chocolate Wafer.

Favourite Tea

Always Ringtons Gold!

Favourite Tea Moment

I recently watched a video where a customer referred to her morning cup of tea as her ‘nectar’, and I couldn’t agree more. The first sip of Gold tea in the morning is magical!

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