National Tea Day: 21st April 2023

National Tea Day: 21st April 2023

Tea is a community – it connects us all from those that grow, pick, pack and deliver it to you and your family, who sip and share it. Here’s the secret to the freshest tasting tea you can buy…

 Ringtons Tea Leaves

We carefully select teas from estates we have long standing relationships with. This allows us to work directly with the producer, adapting manufacturer to make the highest quality Ringtons style tea.

We purchase our tea privately, this gives us ownership of the tea after production months before conventional tea auctions. This allows us to use our leaf lock process to protect the tea when it’s at its freshest.

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Ringtons Tea Bags

There are five things can affect the flavour of your tea – heat, light, moisture, oxygen and other odours. If tea sits unprotected, it’s in danger of getting stale and taking on other flavours from the environment around it. That’s why we vacuum pack our tea in origin, locking in the sweet, bright and brisk characteristics of your favourite cuppa – ensuring nothing gets in the way of the true taste of tea.

Ringtons Tea Estate

We are proud members of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). Recently, we contributed to a project improving the diets of over 7,000 tea workers, farmers and their families. It gave people access to affordable, nutritious foods and helped create additional income streams for many farmers. This is just one example of how we help to create a fairer, more sustainable tea industry.

Ringtons Tea Tasting men

We make 573 tea bags every minute. That’s a staggering 301,168,800 cups of tea every year!

We blind taste each tea blend at least six times in our purposely built tasting room. The room is positioned with north-facing windows to uncover the teas colour using natural light, without direct sunlight – helping us to check everything without bias.

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