Have a Cuppa with Jake

Have a Cuppa with Jake

Meet Jake!

Jake is one of our master tea tasters who has been part of the Ringtons family for six years now. It’s fair to say he’s tea obsessed. Over the last six years, he’s tasted over 300,000+ cups of tea for Ringtons, making sure your cup always tastes exactly as it should. Here are his top five tips every tea lover should know...


1. Making tea in a cup? Cover it up!

That’s right, try it. Covering your tea as it brews will help retain the heat and maintain a consistent temperature while it brews, allowing more flavour to release. Only add your milk when the tea bag has infused (but remove the tea bag first). I promise it will make a world of difference to the taste of your cuppa!


2. Green and black tea are picked from the same plant

Tea leaves

They differ because Green teas are heated in the early stages of tea production once plucked from the plant. It’s a small fact, but one that surprises a lot of people! According to the UK Tea & Infusions Association’s (UKTIA) latest tea census, only 40% of people claim to know the difference between the production methods of Black and Green tea. In fact, 65% incorrectly believe black and green tea are made from the same process, whilst 55% say that they are made from different plants!


3. A lot of the tea consumed in the UK is stale because of oxidation.

Not many people know this, but oxidation leaves tea tasting flat and lacking the true tea character. I’m not being biased; but that’s why Ringtons tea is different - we do our absolute best to protect the tea from harvest to home, reducing oxidation with our Leaf Lock process. It’s why your tea is foil-packed.

Read more about Leaf Lock and our tea blends here.


4. Milk it


Depending on the milk you use; the percentage of natural fat will affect the taste and texture of your favourite cuppa. Both whole fat and semi-skimmed milk will add a creamy note to your tea, making it smooth and deliciously rich. Black tea is typically stronger and bolder in flavour, therefore stands up well to milk and sweeteners, making it the ideal choice for your morning brew. I would recommend Oat milk for a smooth and rich taste - it’s my personal favourite and a great alternative for those with a lactose intolerance.


5. Tea is hygroscopic

Ever stored tea next to curry powder (or something just as pungent) and wondered why your tea tasted funny the next time you made it? It’s because tea absorbs moisture in the air, and the moisture from the air can carry aromas and smells with it. Keep your tea stored in an airtight container or, better yet, a Ringtons caddy to keep it as fresh as possible. 


How many of these did you already know? 

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