A Ringtons History – Logos Through the Ages

A Ringtons History – Logos Through the Ages

Friendly and familiar – then, now, always.

There have been lots of changes at Ringtons recently, most notably the introduction of the fifth generation of family custodians, although you’d be forgiven for not necessarily noticing their arrival.

Something you may have noticed however is our new logo. It has been popping up in a few places over the past few months and will continue to appear across the rest of the business in the coming year on our uniforms, vehicles, packaging, our website and other marketing channels, however we’re are excited to officially reveal it after years in the making.

Modernising the Legacy

We’re proud that our business has been able to adapt and modernise over the years, and our new logo gives a nod to our long-cherished legacy, but with a few small changes.

Designed by the legendary Peter Horridge, famed for his vast array of world-leading designs and illustrations, we are incredibly lucky to have been able to work with him on this project. It’s been amazing to see the Ringtons brand modernise whilst retaining elements of its heritage. An example is how the ‘R’ in the new logo pays homage to the original Ringtons logo from 1907 with its signature curve at the base and a strong smiley feel.

Future Thinking

The new logo also features a variation on the original horse and cart which can now be seen moving at pace in a powerful forward motion, bringing to life the direction in which Ringtons is moving and looking to the future. Plus, there is now a visible person driving this direction, a thoughtful nod to our founder Samuel Smith, and all leaders thereafter.

The Road to Success

Our fleet of vehicles are also being re-branded with the new logo and you’ll start to see more of them on the roads in the near future. They may look quite different to the original transportation methods used, however they’re always recognisable.

Our new fleet of all-electric vehicles are already making their mark on the roads of the UK. Powered by the Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo, this new fleet not only features the new branding, but also represent the future of Ringtons and commitment to our people, planet and sustainability.

Looking Back – Logos Then and Now

This timeline shows a snapshot of the Ringtons brand since Samuel Smith started the business sin 1907, ending in where we are today with the latest logo variation.

Read more about the Ringtons 5th generation.

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