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Ringtons for your business

As an experienced tea merchant of over 110 years, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about what makes a great cup of tea.  From well-rooted relationships with tea estates, established over decades of tea buying, to working with independent tea gardens and smallholding farmers who can only be reached by foot, our team of master tea tasters travel the world to bring the finest and most diverse teas to your business. 

Whether you are looking for single portioned, individually wrapped teas and infusions, a high-quality and diverse range of loose teas and infusions, convenient tea bags which always impress, or you’re looking for practical catering-size bags of tea, we have an option to suit. 

Our passion for tea remains as strong as ever and we are dedicated to making sure every single tea with our name on it is of great quality, offers excellent value for money and is a blend we are proud of.