Garden centre and farm shop
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The garden centre and farm shop industry is blooming and thanks to diversification, many are now considered as go-to destinations in their own right; in fact 1 in 10 people say they would only visit a garden centre to buy coffee or go to the coffee shop*.

Ringtons offer garden centres and farm shops tailored hot drinks solutions which meet customer needs and encourage dwell time and spend throughout the day and at peak times such as breakfast and lunch and for special service such as afternoon tea.   

As well as catering coffee, tea, fruit and herbal infusions and hot chocolate, Ringtons specifies and installs every type of coffee machines on the market, offering flexible payment terms and package solutions to suit any budget.  

Ringtons provide full staff training on machine operation, latte art, menu creation, origin and taste profiling to help garden centres and farm shops serve the best quality hot drinks. 

Ringtons coffee machine and cups
Ringtons at garden centre

“Coffee and tea go hand-in-hand with the food we sell and products and training from Ringtons has been one of the main driving forces in our success and in launching two more sites.  Our customers are more aware than ever of what makes a good coffee and they won’t come back if our coffee isn’t up to scratch. Since we started selling Ringtons’ quality coffee and tea and received full barista training from Ringtons’ coffee experts we now know how to use our equipment properly, how to create a variety of coffees and how coffee should taste – we certainly class ourselves as ‘coffee people’ now. We work with Ringtons to create seasonal drinks to allow us to offer our customers something new which helps us to drive repeat visits.”
Graham Bodle, owner Walkers Nurseries