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Ringtons for your business

Ever wanted to know how to make an insta-worthy coffee?

Then look no further than Ringtons’ client-focused interactive barista training sessions! In our fun, creative and informative barista courses, our team will talk you through every stage of perfecting your coffee making skills.

Impress your customers with your coffee knowledge as we look at everything from coffee origin, to harvesting, roasting methods, packing, freshness and storage.  We also cover the practical elements to help you consistently serve great coffee such as coffee grinder calibration, dosing, perfect extraction, cupping, latte art, milk formation and menu creation.

Tailored around your own business, we’ll talk you through taste profiles of your chosen coffees and teas and work with you to perfect your coffee making skills.  Using the same equipment you have in your own business, we will practice making your menu choices until you and your team are confident in serving every single coffee on your menu.

 We’ve trained over 2,500 people in the last 12 months within our own purpose-built training centre in Newcastle using our top-of-the range traditional espresso machines.  Or alternatively we can come to you for interactive training at your own venue during a quieter time of the of day to suit you.

Please note: Barista training only available to Ringtons customers who purchase coffee beans.