Product Reviews for Ringtons Triple Chocolate Cookies 200g

Just not enough in the packet!

These biscuits are fantastic - crunchy and chocolatey and the whole family loves them. Which is a pity as there are six of us and one packet doesn't last very long!

October 21, 2009
King of Biscuits

My nan gets these all the time from the van. They're the most beautiful tasting biccy ever!

August 28, 2009

These are despicably gorgeous!

May 25, 2009

Fantastic, we've just had a batch delivered at work, and there was a queue of people around the biscuit openers desk. it's an event! - does that says enough about how good they are? - i think so!

May 1, 2009
truely scrumptious

TREMENDOUS!!! When i saw the word triple my eyes lit up and i knew i was in for a treat! my cuppa tea was as excited! the moment it touched my lips i knew i had tasted heaven!! the sensation made me search for them online,so what more can i say!!! xx

February 25, 2009

Quite simply the best biscuits in the whole darn world.

February 23, 2009
Truly Scrumptious

They're the most chocolatey, chrunchy, munchy biscuit that leaves me wanting more.....

December 6, 2008

Well, melt in the mouth gorgeous. There's no other biscuit like a Ringtons biscuit. I share them with my workmates and they all agree with the 5 star rating. Keep up the good work. Yummy :)

December 5, 2008

Well the first time I had these I had to share them with the kids and hubby. But now I hide them as they are to good to share :)

November 10, 2008