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Darren Timon


I have been buying from our doorstep now for over a year in that time we have gradually tried almost all the range and can confidently say we have not had one poor products, there is always something new and exciting to consider and the recent addition of the chocolate crest biscuits will seriously tempt any biscuit fan's willpower. Andy (Burbage) communicates well and is always religiously arriving at the same time and always advises me of new lines etc. A good representative for the company and one I hope that will visit our door for many years to come, long may Ringtons continue. Regards Darren Timon
Mark Lenderyou


Just wanted to let you know, You're products are amazing. You're Tea and Hot Choclate are amazing. And my favourite Biscuits are Definatly you're Ringtons Triple Chocolate Cookies. Mmmppphhh. Thank you for you're Services.
mr mrs joanne jackson

our Ringtons Man Richie

Once a fortnight the word goes round Richie is here, and we genuinely look forward to his visit. He knows what we like and gives us a very personal service that is very rare today. He always has some thing new to show us , apart from our usual orders. and a number of our friends have started to order now, WE started a couple of years ago to order special gifts for our friends for christmas we already have four and still have some to get. well done Ringtons & Richie Lowndes

A true taste of tea and nice service

I have enjoyed every drop of Ringtons tea and have recommended to anyone asking me for good tea.
Harry Gomez

Order! Order!

I had to place an order online as my Rington's man could not obtain the items for doorstep delivery. Choosing Standard Delivery I sat back and waited anxiously to see if the items would arrive in time for my holidays. I need not have worried, from order confirmation to delivery took 18 hours. I was totally amazed and also very pleased. The easter eggs and prize were also much appreciated. I recommend Ringtons to anyone. Top service, excellent products and thoughtful customer relations.

Very happy customer

Ringtons offer a very good service that is quick and very reliable. I am very happy with the service and feel the products Ringtons offer are very good too! I gave a few gift boxes to friends at Christmas and was very happy with them. Thank you Ringtons.
Colin via email and Facebook

Amazing Tea and Service

I saw a Ringtons man walking past my place of work today.Last time I had Ringtons was when my late mother used to get it delivered about 40 years ago when I was a little lad.As I was running low on tea and felt quote nostalgic, I decided to give it a try and found the website. I phoned the service line (0800 number) they registered me and said they would try to get the rep back to see me today.They called me back within 5 minutes to say he would be with me in about an hour. As I put the phone down the Ringtons man (Chris) appeared at my door and he introduced himself, even using my name which was a nice touch.Within 15 minutes contacting Ringtons I was sipping my first cup of Ringtons tea in decades - AMAZING.I have to say that the tea was as good as the service and I won't fall into the trap of drinking second or third-rate tea from the supermarket again.My Nana and my mother had a Ringtons man (as they used to call him) and now I have one too. You really can learn from your elders. Well done Ringtons, traditional quality with 21st century service. It doesn't get any better than that!Oh and by the way, Ringtons Classic Blend and their Earl Grey are two if the finest tasting teas I have ever. Can't wait to order more.  
karen (via email)

A New Customer

What a great product being delivered to my door i was not expecting to be any better than any other tea...WOW...i was amazed and will be ordering again.
David Guy (via email)

Customer Service

I would like to congratulate Ringtons on your excellent customer service and delivery. Its a pity there isn't more companies like yours. Many thanks

Our "Biscuit Boy"

I would just like to thank Liam who delivers to the village of Horncliffe. Thank you for being so kind and helpful with the elderly residents, you're always smiling and they look forward to your visits, well done Liam!!!