Product Reviews for Ringtons Traditional 'Cuppas' Tea Bags x 100

Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' Tea Bags x 100

These make a good afternoon mug of tea to keep you going.

November 12, 2017
Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' Tea Bags x 100

A great way to enjoy Ringtons

November 4, 2017
Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' Tea Bags x 100

great cupa all our friends love it kettle always on

October 16, 2017
Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' Tea Bags x 100

Have been drinking Ringtons tea all my life and I love these. They are perfect for someone whose 'other half' drinks coffee!

October 4, 2017
Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' Tea Bags x 100

Simply the best tea ever a good decent tea taste without waiting 20 mins for it to stew.

August 27, 2017
Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' Tea Bags x 100

I bought the Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' tea bags..brilliant value for money and fantastic flavour. Your delivery service is fab.

July 8, 2017
Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' Tea Bags 100

Best one cup teabag I've have ever tasted

June 26, 2017
Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' Tea Bags 100

My preferred cup of tea - great product

June 10, 2017
Ringtons One Cup 'Cuppas' Tea Bags 100

make a refreshing cup, ideal

May 25, 2017

a nice smooth cup of tea

October 18, 2016
great tea

i get these tea bags of the tea man i love ringtons tea great taste with every tea bag :)

October 6, 2016
Long distance love

I first had Ringtons in 1992 when I visited a friend in New Castle and immediately fell in love. He would bring me bags of your tea when he visited Kentucky and I would nurse those bags of tea as long as I could until they were gone. Fast forward to 2012 and the 21st Century cured my longings. I now have been drinking Ringtons every morning for a couple of years and chuckle when I think of "The Dark Ages" before ordering on the computer!. Your "Cuppa" packs are perfect for me. No more second rate breakfast tea for me!

May 24, 2014
Bowled over, ..Ringtons exceeds my established favourite brand! ..(unheard of)

Firstly let me state for the record I am a die hard tea drinker who spits everything out other than the favoured brand (which happen to be Waitrose own strong blend teabags). However, My wife supports the local bingo, making muffins & the like for the interval & invariably has come to join in the game (well why not!? ..she's there for a good few hours) ..this was a prize she chose (not being so fussy & precise a tea drinker as myself). She wenr on holiday with our daughter for a week & as I was stuck without a vehicle, & having run out of my old favourites, ...I should explain, I get cross if I run out, like an addict, a bit cross because I simply know nothing will come close, so I tend to just drink water or root around for some old fruit teas in the back of the cupboard to tide me over (no hope). These were sitting there on the top, I'd mentioned as to giving them to use for the refreshments, but in a fit of desperation deigned to try them... From the first sip of a well stewed mug, not only did the equal my 30yr favourite, they surpassed them! I'd never heard of Ringtons, jumped online & well, I am. I'm still reeling in shock, Ringtons has broke the mould for me as far as tea is concerned!

December 1, 2011
simply the best

I had never heard of Ringtons tea until i went to Leeds to visit my aunt, she made a lovely cuppa, I was surprised when she said it was delivered to her door..unfortunately it is not delivered in my area of i have been ordering it online for 2 years now..It's the best cup of tea and i wouldn't be without it..happy tea drinker !!!

October 4, 2011

I was having a Serious Debate with a friend on Twitter one day about the merits of a good cup of tea, and he was extolling the virtues of a Ringtons cuppa whilst I was assuring him that nothing could beat a cup of the tea apparently favoured by monkeys. Somebody at Ringtons was amused by this exchange and challenged me to try it for myself, even pointing me in the direction of Cuppas as the most likely 'replacement' for my normal brand. Never one to refuse a challenge, I duly ordered a packet, and gingerly took my first sip, expecting the worst - but I was very pleasantly surprised. So much so in fact that I had to apologise to my friend, who had affirmed this in the first place. Friends and family have also commented. Bye bye monkeys, hello Ringtons delivery van! This is gorgeous tea. Try it!

June 1, 2011