Make sure your coffee is on course, your tea is star-rated and your hot drinks are the main focus in your restaurant with Ringtons.

On average Brits today drinks 70 million coffees and 165 million cups of tea every year. This level of consumption has led to more sophisticated and educated tastes and restaurateurs have to make sure their hot drinks are good enough to meet expectations.

Offering a varied menu of quality hot drinks, provides a real opportunity for upselling and leaving a lasting impression within a restaurant environment.  Coffee in particular provides the perfect alternative to more traditional alcohol-based nightcaps.

At Ringtons we work with you to produce a menu which meets consumer needs – from high quality black coffee, to expertly made cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and flavoured coffees, we can provide the ingredients needed, machinery and skills to help you make a range of hot drinks, plus the essentials to help you serve your drinks.  

By taking your tea and coffee supplier seriously and involving staff in tasting, you can engage your team and in-turn the customer in the story of the tea and coffee.

Hot drinks should be given the same care and attention as food and alcohol – our expert training on origin, taste and preparation will help your staff be as informed about your tea or coffee as they’re about your wine list or fresh ingredient suppliers.

The style of a coffee machine can also greatly help boost sales - machines can also be an eye-catching addition to a restaurant, and we can help you make your traditional espresso machine part of your design – an indication of quality, luxury and style. 


If you want to accommodate a welcoming environment call Ringtons on 0800 0461 444 or email