Ringtons Limited (“the Company”) is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking occurring in any of its corporate activities, as well as seeking to ensure that our supply chains are also free from such practices.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps the company has taken in the financial year ending June 2016 to prevent Modern Slavery in our business and supply chains and those we are working to implement.

Our organisational structure and operations

The principal activities of Ringtons Limited are;

§  Sourcing, blending and packing of tea and infusion for its own brand and a variety of other customers

§  Blending, roasting and packing coffee for its own brand and a variety of other customers

§  Sourcing gifts and other food or drink items to be sold under the Ringtons brand.

§  Retailing  products to UK retailers and directly to households via sales vans, primarily throughout north and central England

Policy relating to Modern Slavery

Our Modern Slavery policy reflects our intention to act ethically and with integrity in all our business activities and relationships and our commitment to fully comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA); opposing modern slavery in all its forms and preventing it by whatever means we can.

Policy Implementation: To Date

§  We have begun (and will continue) implementing systems to encourage the reporting of concerns by the Company’s employees. To this end, we have established a whistleblowing procedure for employees to report any concerns.

§  We have begun (and will continue) to train all relevant staff on the requirements of the Act and how to recognise and deal with incidences of Modern Slavery. Our technical team have attended training workshops run by Stronger Together.

§  We continue to foster long-term, ethical business relationships with our key suppliers and are committed to only buy from tea estates and producer groups that are participating in the ETP Programme. The ETP monitors suppliers performance against the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code, which covers labour and human rights on tea estates.

Policy Implementation: Going Forward

§  We will publish an advice note to our core supply chain members (across tea, infusions, packaging, services, gift items etc.) that sets out our obligations under the MSA and the implications of this. It will also provide for a reporting structure for any infringement or potential infringement.

§  We will attempt to gain an understanding of the measures taken by all of our perishable raw material suppliers to ensure modern slavery is not occurring in their businesses or supply chains. Where possible, we will seek copies of our suppliers’ statements on slavery, which will be taken as evidence that the organisation is starting to address this important issue and that we can assume their compliance with the MSA.

§  We will conduct a risk assessment of our UK operations to identify areas where Modern Slavery is most likely to occur. We will raise awareness of Modern Slavery and its indicators in the areas identified by this risk assessment.

Reporting Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is a criminal offence under the MSA. The Company’s Whistleblowing Procedure is intended to provide guidance on how concerns can be communicated to the Company. Concerns about suspected modern slavery associated with the Company or our suppliers may be reported by employees in this manner. The Whistleblowing Procedure applies to employees and may be found in the Company Policy Manual and the Company’s intranet site.


Simon M Smith


Ringtons Limited