How We Blend Our Tea

We source tea from 15 tea producing countries across the globe and select only the very best two leaves and a bud for our tea.  

Because the taste of tea varies throughout the year, we don’t write a recipe for our tea. Instead our master tea tasters write every bled from scratch based on taste alone.


Every single Ringtons tea is blind tasted six times to make sure it meets our stringent quality levels and tastes exactly as it should.

Our master tea tasters taste between 300-400 teas every single day. A unique tasting method is used which adds oxygen to draw out the full flavour of the teas – and it makes a rather fun noise! 

It takes 5-7 years to become a fully-fledged tea taster.  To make sure our tea is just right our team taste every tea at double strength, with and without milk (where milk is used) and they avoid eating strong tasting foods such as curry during the week.  

Our team of master tea tasters are responsible for creating over 600 tea and infusion products and over 250 blends – it’s no wonder we are the third biggest tea importer in the UK and the second biggest importer of Fairtrade tea in the country.