Garden Centre and Farm Shops

Nurture your coffee shop business, cultivate revenue and enable your repeat business to blossom with Ringtons.

The garden centre and farm shop industry is blooming and thanks to diversification, many are now considered as go-to destinations in their own right. With this new-found status, many venues now operate catering outlets, with tea and coffee naturally being a pivotal part of keeping customers satisfied, increasing their dwell time and in-turn encouraging them to spend.  

From a breakfast brew, to lunch specials, afternoon tea and take-away coffees, Ringtons offers full hot drinks options for venues of all sizes which is tailored to your own customer needs and buying habits.   

As well as catering coffee, tea, fruit and herbal infusions and hot chocolate, Ringtons specifies and installs every type of coffee machines on the market, offering flexible payment terms and package solutions to suit any budget.  In addition, we provide full staff training on machine operation.

If you want to grow your coffee business call Ringtons on 0800 0461 444 or email