Educate yourself on great coffee and tea, learn how to create the perfect brew and share the knowledge of a great tasting cuppa with Ringtons.

Hot drinks are an essential part of British culture – with two thirds of Brits visiting a coffee shops at least once every three months.  This figure is even higher in 16 – 24-year olds, with a staggering 75% visiting an outlet in this timeframe.

The popularity of coffee shops coupled with the fact hot beverages offer one of the highest profit margins in the food service industry, means having a competitively priced, high quality and appealing coffee and tea menu is a real sales opportunity for catering departments of education establishments.

Ringtons can not only provide the coffee, tea and infusions to help you serve a range of hot drinks to an ever-discerning customer-base with varied tastes but we can also provide the machinery and training needed to create an encompassing menu of cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, mocha's, hot chocolate and more. 

Our team of experts can also help you compete with the high street – offering advice on suitable menu options, price points, meal deals, edibles and drink combos and take away solutions, to keep customers on site and spending with you repeatedly.  

We can even work with you to commission bespoke coffee towers, kiosks and units to optimise available space and provide services which suit your staff, student and visitor needs throughout your site. 


 If you want to accommodate a welcoming environment call Ringtons on 0800 0461 444 or email