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Home schooling and even just having kids at home can be a challenge at the best of times… So while we’re all spending more time at home, I find that exercise is very much needed to help the kids concentrate and let off some steam. As habit is created through routine, so structuring each day with time for exercise is really important. In this blog, I’ve outlined some of my top tips for keeping the kids active while they’re at home…

I am giving my kids one session first thing with a little help from technology… We are watching the Youtube live session by The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. It’s a live PE session for kids and a new episode goes live each day at 9am. It’s fun, it’s free and it gets my kids going for the day ahead. To try some of Joe’s workouts for yourself, click here to head over to his Youtube channel.

As the weather begins to get a little better and we can spend more time outside, garden games with whatever you have available are a great way to keep the kids active.

Balls are what my boys love, they play a lot of football and cricket and love basket ball and hockey too; but anything competitive gets the best out of my kids!

We do circuit training most days and they love to be timed or race each other doing hurdles and shuttle runs. To help we have we have cones and a catching net, but feel free to get creative, you can easily improvise with whatever you have around the house!

My kids also like to practice techniques and drills in the garden and we are also doing an afternoon session of circuits or football. This helps to get them focused on whatever the afternoon’s lessons or activities may be.

They also love bike rides and scooting, even if it’s just around the garden. It’s worth investing in some garden games like swing ball, skittles, french boules or mini trampolines – remember ordering online is a great way to stock up while many of the local shops are shut.

At the weekends we are venturing out and going for family walks. Getting outside in nature is good for all of us and the kids love it too!

Keeping the little ones entertained can be challenging when every activity needs to be house-based. I’ve found the simplest hacks are often the best way to keep little ones entertained. I’ve outlined some of my favourite ideas below…

  • Make a sand pit or a water table which the little ones are sure to love.
  • Painting on the patio with water and paint brushes is also a sure winner.
  • Role play games like pretending to have a garden café.
  • Take the paints outside and set up an art corner in the garden.
  • Looking for things in nature or seeing how many different flowers they can spot while on a walk. My kids love taking a jar to collect bugs or even picking up litter. If you can make it into a game and it keeps them amused.
  • Oh and everyone loves an Easter egg hunt, (perfect for this weekend) or a treasure hunt. This can be inside or outside.
  • My kids still love playing hide and seek too!

While we’re all at home during the day, I like the idea of getting the kids to help with chores. These might include: gardening, tidying up inside or outside, baking or even getting the kids to help with dinner! Mine like to do the dishes and use the hoover!

We love doing arts and crafts as a family, its a great way to focus the mind and is a real outlet for creativity in kids. I find many of my ideas online and try to mix up the crafts as much as possible, places like Pinterest are great for this too and remember to share your ideas with your friends!

I love any excuse to be creative and so do the kids, so things like singing, dancing and laughing are a great way to express yourself and all feel like therapy at the moment.

It’s so important to keep each others spirits up and for me, fun needs to be the most important part of the activity!

I hope you’ve found these tips for keeping active with the kids at home helpful, remember to keep checking Ringtons social media channels for more updates from me and lots of other tips to help you during this time. Let’s all #StayHomeWithRingtons

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