Yunnan White Dragon

There was once a magician who travelled the country performing. One day he came upon a town so poor he broke down in tears. The people were starving and the land they tended yielded nothing but dirt. He wondered how he could help, and so he called upon the gods to help him conjure a white dragon. The dragon was to be the town’s protector and bring with it good fortune. The town was skeptical but they had nothing left to lose, so they too prayed to the gods for this white dragon. The next day, a dense fog rose from the sea, bringing with it a white dragon, which crawled up the mountainside and made its home in the caves.The people were scared. The magician assured them everything would be fine and went on his way. Over the next few weeks, the weather began to change. Plants and crops began to grow and the King decided to build a temple near the outskirts of the town. This brought many jobs and wealth the town had never seen before. The white dragon kept guard in the caves and once a month, the people would leave it gifts. One day when they went, they could not hear or see any sign of the dragon. They ventured inside the caves to find nothing but a single bush growing. They took the bush with them and planted it on their land, where it grew large leaves and downy buds. The tea from it tasted delicious and the people became strong in health.

The white dragon had fulfilled his purpose and was never seen again.

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